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Guild Jet90


Just got this in an email from Guild, with the MSRP AT $900, this should do very well. I love that headstock sort of reminiscent reverse of the Trini Lopez or the Dave Grohl models, also similarly seen on some Fano models. 24 3/4 “ scale , mahogany center block. 3 Franz P90’s Great colors Can’t wait for a test drive



Hmm...… If it had white-inset Dynas, a Guild B6,and came in that Starfire gloss dark-cherry, I'd get sorely tempted. A long-ago bandmate had a Starfire III and I've been interested ever since!


guild also has a new Starfire I SC for 499$! in the stores...



Wow! That sounded fantastic!


I wish they had more DeArmond action in their historic lineup. They already make a handsome mahogany single cutaway Starfire III. Why not put DeArmonds on those and make the double cuts the humbucker option?


It has a 12.5 inch radius. My favorite thing about the new(ish) Guild Newark Street models is the 9.5 “ radius. Oh, well. 9.5 and 7.25” radii was an obsession of mine last year. Now, my Duo Jet has cured me of this particular mania.


the dynas are a lot more involved pickup...the spring elevator system...$$$....the hb-2 humbuckers on starfire I SC are actually closely spec'ed to lollar low wind imperial neck pup!...alnico II around 7k


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