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Guild 160x rockabilly on its way…….


Any love for this model? I was looking at Gretsch's but the average used price for a Terada 6120 DSW in the UK is £2000/$2700 +

Then I saw this US built Guild 160x at £1150/$1570 and it was a no no. I had a gorgeous Guild DE 500 reissue that I regretted trading so I'm looking forward to this.

Am I getting a 6120 clone or is there something else to these 160s? Here it is


I used to have one of these, and wish I still did. I always thought it sounded more like an old Gretsch than an old Gretsch did. Congrats!


Lovely guitar -- just wondering, was that from Frailers by any chance? They usually have a few nice Guilds in stock.


@Dave - K - no there's a guild x170 on the trailers website at £1799


Guitar Player magazine from May 2000 has a nice comparative review between this and a Brian Setzer Hot Rod Gretsch. This does have the DeArmond 2000 pickups that were designed for the Gretsch Historic models, not the Dynasonics. People do like the 2000s but they are definitely different.


I love mine. I bought it slightly used in the late '90's (I think) and liked it so much I bought another new one. They are both Westerly-made. I also have one in Catalina Blue finish that I bought just because of the color. I've always wanted to get a black one, too.

These pickups sound different from the Dynasonics. The neck pickup is really cool-sounding, real "woody", full and round. I think the bridge pickup sounds in between a P90 and a Dyna. It's not as mid-range prominent as a P90 but not as "twangy" as the bridge Dyna in my T100DPB.



I came close to getting a blue one once but someone else snagged it.


I had a red one and it is definitely a well made instrument! I eventually sold it to a friend, tried to buy it back a few years later but he'd sold it. I eventually found a good deal on a used DSW and don't have any complaints. The only thing about the x160 is it is completely hollow. Great for recording or home use but I had trouble at band practice and live w/ feedback. I made some foam cut-outs and stuffed 'em in the f-holes which helped but I had planned to get a sound post installed if I had bought it back. Here I am with it and you can see the foam ( I think you can buy these that are better done btw).


I owned one several years ago. It sounded wonderful. Even with the weak-ish pickups, I thought it sounded much better than the Setzer 6120 I owned at the same time. The Westerly made ones are big guitars. The Corona made ones seem a little smaller, but I’m not sure if they actually are.


Yeah, I have one, a Corona build! The Coronas are a bit smaller, and they increased the neck angle! AWESOME guitars! You are going to love it!

I put a little foam in mine and the feedback is gone... but if I want a little, I just get closer to the amp.

The DeArmond 2000 pickups sing! Very clear and glassy tones clean, yet they can growl with authority when pushed! Well built and nicely finished!



Those are cool, and no, not a 6120 copy. The westerly made ones are 24 3/4" scale on a 17" body, and that's something you're not going to see a lot outside of Guild. I'm not a huge fan of the faux-DeArmond pickups, they sound good, but lack some 'oomph".


I'm not a huge fan of the faux-DeArmond pickups, they sound good, but lack some 'oomph".

I guess someone agrees...


Just can't get over the resale price difference between a guild 160 x and a 6120. Been thinking this for a while but I just prefer Westerley Guilds to reissue Gretsch's. I mean it's a thousand pounds more for a used Terada 6120 and what do you get?? Both brands are superbly made but I just feel this Guild is a top notch guitar for peanuts!


Yup, American made Guild archtops from their last 20, 30 years are downright cheap compared to almost anything else, and they're very well built guitars. Not the lightest most resonant boxes, and most of them have fullsize humbuckers - the Starfire III P90 and X160 Rockabilly are the only single coil ones I can think of.

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