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I just found out about this brand. U.K. made back in the days when importing U.S. products to the kingdom was much more complicated due to several reasons.

I'd love to come across something like the DeArmond equipped one on the left.

Anyone having first-hand experience or further knowledge?

(note the headstock)


I remember these very well, Sascha, although I never owned one. They were highly regarded (at the time!) and were not produced in such large numbers as, say, Hofner, so you didn't see them all that often. A guy who lived near to me had one (this would be 1961/62) but only until he could afford a 335! Joe Brown also played one for a while -- also until he could afford a 335!

I don't know much about their current business, but there is a website: www.grimshawguitars.co.uk

Hope all is well with you in Berlin.


They made some cool looking guitars. Pete Townshend played one that he Rickenbackerized.


I know one thing- Proteus is going to love that diabolical double-florentine white one. If only the photo was just a wee bit bigger.

The Joe Moretti pictures are just dandy on that website. Excellent link DaveK.


Thanks, guys!

I was hoping for you to chime in, Dave. Great link, thanks! I'll look into that deeper. Always great to see there are hidden gems although I doubt you could find these Grimshaws for reasonable prices - if you ever come across one. I like the '60s guitars most. They seem to be rare.

My world turns quite fast these days and so I watch Berlin more like from a "video game character walking through an unreal world" view. What I notice is that either this city is going crazy or am I. Not sure what to think of this, yet. I really hope you are well and I always enjoy seeing you post here. Still a cool place. Who else could I ask? ;)


Now that's what I call a cutaway!

You might find Googling "hutchins guitars grimshaw" worth a click. Apparently Hutchins bought the Grimshaw brand a few years ago with the aim of reintroducing some of the old Grimshaw models -- and manufacturing some of them in the old Hofner factory at Bubenreuth! The Hutchins website shows a range of guitars priced around £300 to £400 (presumably made in the Far East) and several German-made instruments that, not surpringly, are rather more expensive. I don't know if these are Grimshaw designs.


Ignore the sliding pickup, now notice the bound ebony pickup disguised with and integrated into the neck extension with controls set cunningly into the scratchplate. Nicely done.


Two Grimshaws on UK eBay at the moment -- a rather plain archtop from the 1930s that looks its age, and Grimshaw's take on the Les Paul from the late '60s.

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