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Great Googly Moogly! and only $30k!


I stumbled on this on eBay --- never seen anything remotely like it. A Gibson Super 400 in a two-tone green quilt/white finish. I can't quite decide if it's gorgeous, hideous or both.


I am all for glitz and glamour. But, it's a bit busy, don't you think? It would clash with my shirt, I think, as well.


"Busy" is a polite way of saying it. I also can't help wondering what it sounds like, as a solid carved spruce top is what's usually on a Super 400 and part of its defining formula. The listing doesn't say if the top is solid carved quilted maple or laminated.


Gibson by Carvin? As Ric12 says---busy.


I'm wondering about the target group. Who buys this and what music do you play on it?


Even Liberace would find that one a bit garish.


Ick. Someone smoked their lunch. Leave the cool color combos to Gretsch.

Is this the Linda Blair model?


This is factory? Eeeeeeeeek

– DCBirdMan

Custom Shop.


I'm inclined to call it the guitar equivalent to one of those theme honeymoon suites in Reno.


Either the quilted or the elaborate inlay, but not both. And the white just makes it look like the project was abandoned too early. Not good.


Wabash Slim nailed it; It does look like a Carvin creation.

The green could be forgiven (Although as a "wood guy" I'd rather see a natural finish on the quilted top), but the white is too stark.

I agree with Beatbyrd too, the inlay is just over the top on an already garish instrument.


It would be fantastic to play on St. Patty's day, after that not so much.


Makes a [tad garish to me] Falcon look rather plain, eh? Nothing that was done to this 400 works. It almost begs the question, what did that guitar do to someone to deserve that fate???


Without intending to impugn any professions, apologizing in advance to my many fine friends in the legal and dentuary fields, and invoking the stereotypes just because they're there...

... this looks like it was carefully designed to appeal to the specific demographic of the dentist-lawyer-collector who maxed out his PRS collection as his musical tastes grew up, and can't decide on the Biggest Baddest Gibson Jazz Guitar or one-a-them wacky two-tone Gretsch rock-a-boogie guitars.

So, as PT Barnum allegedly said (though maybe it was Gandhi), you can't go broke underestimating the taste of [impugned demographic here]. If sausage is made from the remains of this and the remains of that, one link has to get the würst of all the donor parts.

This is that one.


Not really my style on any level, but with even a minor adjustment to the finish, I could find it beautiful.


I'm thinking that the paint job is where it gets it's "quilt".

Old school furniture makers had this process down, and could make very realistic quilted patterns on otherwise unquilted wood.


I like gaudy but this is too much. I think only Sigmund would play that guitar.


And it doesn't even have ALNICO Staple pickups in it for that price.


You guys know I like "busy" paintjobs and such but this was not done in a tasteful way


You know a guitar is garish when a bunch of Gretsh afficianados think the line of good taste has been crossed.


Count me out.

I'm not sure that they're actually even aiming for a certain kind of buyer here. If so, I don't know any of those people. It seems like more of a "look what we can do" sort of thing.

This is just the latest in a fairly long line of over-the-top custom 400's that I've seen over the past 10-20 years. It may be the most outrageous and repulsive (to me), but there have been plenty that were easy for me to look at and say... "Uh, no. Next?"

I wasn't even a fan of the 2000 "Art Deco Series" customs. Not surprising to me that the value of this one has already dropped by about $12,000: http://guitars.com/inventor...


This is totally nuts. They go from functioning pieces of art to guitars that are turned into art. I know art is a matter of taste but I mean they are putting art first in this case and guitar second. These are ridiculous. I wonder which rich person would buy something like this? The Bill Gates of this world maybe?

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