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free plug in from sound toys


Wow, that's everything I don't like in today's vocal recordings! ;)


but it is free if you mix for others they may like it, now i do lot of techno, so to me it works, i put the link cause it is free, it is top quality, and some could like it, i know the most of you are not interested in this tools, but you can experiment with it, why not??, if you have a DAW it is nice, my two cents, this is a future $50 plus value, it is not the first soundtoys release for free then it cost $50 once the free advert is over, i get Primal Scream this way and Micro shift, both work great on guitars Acoustic or electric, i would not paid for him but they are free, even if you use just a bit, it worth well the effort to download them and try them


just take a look aat the video, you can record two guitar part and detune one of them and drive it with this plug in, the demo are here for voice but experimentation is the key, i´m pretty sure i can get a good guitar sound with this tool


microshift cost now $89 and doe a pretty god job Bird´s type guitar sound, with other stuff in front, and the other i get this way is Primal Tape a multitap effect emulator, it can´t be bought at this time, this one is very nice on guitar also, now i´m downloadind the one i linked, i will put an example on guitars of this Alterboy


was curious, but you need to be a member first, so no thanks


anyway keep in mind it is not an advertisement from my part, i really don´t care. just sharing, Yes member but no cost. it is one of the most serious plug in company i know they rarely send you an email, i know them from 2008 +/-, but you can survive without them

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