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Got myself an Epi Broadway


For quite a while now I've been wanting a big Archtop guitar for the traditional Bigband Stuff I do. I got a great Deal on a Beautiful Epiphone Broadway, and just love it. Great neck, and the acoustic tone is awesome! Even amplified, it sound very acoustic, which is exactly what I wanted. I was aiming towards a Kenny Burrell sound, and it's really close to that. Before I bought it I thought of maybe switching the pickups, but I really like what the stock humbuckers sound like, so they're going to stay.

Only changes I'm currently thinking of are a new Tailpiece (preferably a Super 400, or L5 styled one), and a new Pickguard.

And here's a Picture of what the Lady looks like:

What I really like is that together with my Gretsch I'm able to produce any kind of Sound I might need for my Bigband stuff. These two work really nice together.



Congratulations, this will be my next. Blonde, hollow, two f-holes;-)


I've got one just like it - I got a great deal on it a few years ago. My hope is to swap out the stock humbuckers for some dog-ear P90's, and create a poor-man's Super 400. I'm trying for an early Scotty Moore sound.


Wow that's a beauty. MIK or MIC? Agree w/ Thomas West on the P-90 swap. GFS makes some really nice sounding dogear P-90's that are very inexpensive. Plenty of advice elsewhere on the GDP on how to do the swap. Apparently all you need are some oversized spacers (available from Allparts) to cover the humbucker routs and to drill a couple new holes.


I love the Broadways.


I love my Joe Pass, but if I did it again, I think I'd get a Broadway.


Man she looks SWEEEET!!!!

I agree about the P90's. It just happens to be my favorite look on a big blonde.



I've always liked those Broadways, they just scream Big Band to me. As for the tailpiece, I kinda like the Frequensator on there, but that's just me.


Thanks Guys! I'm not really convinced of putting P90's in there. I think that it might sound pretty good, but it's not the Sound I'm after with this guitar. I bought this guitar for Bigband and Jazztrio Gigs. So I'm more after the Sound of John Pizzarelli, Kenny Burrell, and especially Freddie Green.

It's still one of the old Korean mades, which I was told are higher quality. I think they were built in the Peerless Factories.

Anybody knowing if there are Super 400 styled Tailpieces available anywhere?



As far as I know, no aftermarket Super 400 tailpieces were ever made, and no Super 400 copy guitars, either. Authentic Super 400 tailpieces do turn up on eBay from time to time, but they're insanely expensive (like $400).

L-5 styled ones are still rare, but do exist. Allparts used to have one in their catalog, and there were a number of high-quality L-5 copies produced in Japan in the 70's, mostly by Matsumoku, and branded Aria, Ibanez, and a few others. I was able to score one of these tailpieces a few years ago to put on my Peerless Broadway, and it made a huge impact on the tone of the guitar --- much more articulate and resonant now. Here's a pic:


Congrats ,those Peerless built Broadways are class!8-)

I'd like to get one and put some Staple pickups in it.


Staples indeed! NOW you're talking!!!


Yeah! Put some Staples in it! (Pops, Mavis, Cleotha, & Yvonne)


Here ya go ,a 1990's Super 400 tailpiece,pricey! Link...


I'd really like to put some Seymour Duncan Staples in mine, but the price is a bit steep.


Cool! What sorta strings will you be using? I love the sound of my ES-150 w 12s and a big ol' thick pick. Enjoy it, man!


nice. i almost bought one of those a while back. i dont like humbuckers much so thats why i didnt go for it but they do look classy:D

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