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Gibson saga, continued


Can't read entire article without subscribing.


Somebody could cut and paste it here...


If you copy the headline into a google search you should get a link to the full article in the results. Worked for me recently in the Al Jardine thread and worked here. Not so sure about cutting and pasting the whole article because of copyrights.

copy and paste this: Gibson’s Sales Process Comes Under Fire


Thanks for the Google search tip- worked a treat! Nice picture of BB King with Lucille!


Read the article. I know very little about business, but it sounds like Henry J and Berryman are trying to pull a weasel move. They keep running the company, get paid 2-3 million/yr salaries.......if I did a crappy job like them, I'd get fired.


Did not work for me -- a few links got to the B>B>King photo but then required membership sign in.

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