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Gibson ES-275


Some of the recent threads motivated me to wander through the Gibson web site and I came across this guitar.


A thinline hollow body with a pair of P-90s. I wish I had the money.


I watched a demo on musicians friend and it did,nt sound that good to me and the demo guy is excellent.


Greg always sounds like Greg but she sounds fine to me...


That is my idea of what a Gibson should be. With a Bigsby of course.


That would scratch my ES350 itch nicely. I seldom lust after new model guitars, but I make an exception for that one. The last one I bought like that was the 1st year ES135, but I never bonded with it.


Yes, that strikes me as a guitar Gibson should be making. Looks right in every way...till we come to the price. Of course that's not street price. Wonder what it can actually be bought for.


I love the look of that guitar. I second the ES350 comment, it totally has that vibe.


Very nice thinline guitar. But for the difference in price my Epiphone ES-295 is fine for me. And, it has a walnut stain and a Bigsby!!


A pup selector on the upper bout......where it should be!...…….Gibson purists must be incensed! Now it makes it easier to put a Master Volume on the lower bout.


That's one I'd love to have, the P-90 disease having progressed in me to an incurable state.


A friend of mine has one and loves it. He says most people don't know what it is. These have seemed really cool to me since they first came out. Prices are silly, but they come in super fancy/flamey as well as plainer, more stripped down versions.


Still doesn,t sound like the price.


This model is also available with a centerblock and humbuckers. I prefer the hollowbody model with P-90s.

ES-275 Centerblock


Id love to try the centreblock thinline. And a centreblock thinline with dogear P90s? Ooooohhh.... My RI ES-225 is one of the best sounding guitars I have ever owned and a centre-block version with a round cutaway would be fab.

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