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Gibson 6/12 doubleneck


Anyone ever had/played one? I heard recent ones are lighter --they have been able to lose 2 pounds or so.


I used to have a Mann copy of the classic Sg style gibson doubleneck ..whatever you do don't put mini enclosed tuners on it..Super headstock heavy! I learned the hard way!


Some say the Epiphones can be made into decent players... Still I would want the 6 neck ON TOP which is not how they are ever made. However it appears some of the earlier Epi doublenecks were bolt on, so maybe they could be switched.


For some reason I've always had an aversion to double necks.


I went through a "doubleneck" phase. I spent some of the Eighties lusting after a Peavey Hydra. I was doing pickup work in different country bands in the middle of the decade, and a Hydra was onstage with Jeff Cook (Alabama) during those years. One of those bands was covering a couple of Alabama numbers per set, so it looked justifiable, and would pay for itself fairly quickly.

My local guy had a Peavey dealership at the time, and bye and by one came in. I went in to check it out as soon as I heard about it. I picked it up, and suddenly, the thought of standing on stage for a couple of hours wearing one of those double necks faded.......

I went back to the Takamine acoustic 12 and Ibanez ST pair I'd been using..


Dem suckers is HEAVY

And, oh- it looked a little odd on my 5' 8" frame... Did nothing whatsoever to make me look taller. Quite the opposite, actually.

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