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Finally, a Jazzmaster I Can Afford


We were in the Japanese supermarket a few weeks ago and at the checkout counter they had these little assemble-it-yourself "mystery toys" wherein there are pictures of about 10 different items on the outside of the box, and one of them is inside, but you don't know which one until you buy it. Usually, they're robots or anime characters or something, but when I saw "Fender Guitar Collection," well, I was intrigued. They only had two of them left, but at $10 a pop, I decided on just one of them. When I got home, I discovered I'd purchased a white Jazzmaster, complete with its own guitar stand. Some of the pieces were insanely tiny (yes, even the toggle switch was a separate piece), but once I had it put together it looked pretty cool and amazingly realistic. Even the trem arm flops around uncontrollably like a real one:


I collect minature guitars and that is really cool. I would love to have one of those because my Jazzmaster is the same color.

If you run across another one, I would gladly reimburse you for it and the postage.


Wait until you have to restring it 8-)

Very cool model kit! Would love to see them imported here.


Frank found one on eBay for me and sent me a PM. I have one coming for $9.49 with free freight. Thanks Frank!!!


giffenf, thanks for sharing this. I have a real Olympic White JM and want the little replica too.

I see you are from Los Angeles just as I am so I wonder which Japanese grocery store did you see this? I need to get one .

Is it Marukai, if so, was it the one in Gardena or the one in Japanese Town, better known as Little Tokyo these days. If not Marukai which store?



Hi, Echosonic, it was the Marukai in West LA, corner of Bundy and Pico.


Hi, Echosonic, it was the Marukai in West LA, corner of Bundy and Pico.

– Frank Giffen

Hi, Echosonic, it was the Marukai in West LA, corner of Bundy and Pico.

– giffenf

giffenf, thanks for the info. I have never been to that Marukai but when my nieces visit they love to go to Marukai and we normally go to the one in Gardena. There is one in Japanese Town, aka Little Tokyo but it's a small one. Next time I go to a Marukai I'll see if I can buy one of those mini-guitars. If not Ebay, but if I see one at the Marukai I'll go for it. I'm not Japanese but it's fun to see all the Japanese stuff they have.

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