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Fender neck weirdness


I have what looks to be a stone original '57 Musicmaster neck but on the heel it has this number 2705 that is indented into the wood by some kind of tool.

Anyone else seen similar -- not saying it's factory but still wtf on this ?


Looks like the marks made by an engraving tool, the vibrating kind you use to engrave identifying marks for theft prevention. I thought Fender used ink stamping.


Ink stamping came after pencil dates at base of neck I think starting around 1960.


Could be someone’s idea of IDing against theft. Last 4 digits of phone number, zip code, etc. It was fashionable about 30 years ago for people to ID their stuff like this, usually with a black light marker, but sometimes just scratched in. Thankfully I haven’t see too much of it for a while

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