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As I mentioned, I've taken on a daunting task of selling off a cool guitar / instrument collection that is Fender heavy. 36 guitars plus another dozen instruments and 10 amps, and since the original collector died I have no one to ask about some of these pieces. There are 12 - 15 Fender commemorative, Custom Shop, or Anniversary model guitars that I'm trying to ID, find a year, and ascertain a ball park market value. Some are obvious and a definitive serial number is provided. Others, not so much ... some have what appears to be a serial # on the back of the headstock, some have serial #'s on the chrome base plate where the neck joins the body, and some have Certificates of Authenticity with a serial #. Almost all of them have (in the case pocket) a little 5" x 3" card with blocks checked off with initials (pic attached) which has #'s written on it, that DON'T jive with the other serial #'s on the guitar. What is this card and what are those #'s?


That is a hang tag from what appears to be a 2004 Highway 1 Stratocaster with a rosewood fretboard finished in sapphire blue transparent.


Enis: I know this might be asking alot, but who else would you ask a favor but GDP friends!!! Is there a chart / cheat sheet that exists that I could see to help me identify Fender guitars by this numeric code? The pic shows "0111100 ... 327" and you knew what guitar that was. I've got 15 gorgeous Custom Shop & Anniversary Strats & Teles to sell for the wife of my late friend and I'm afraid these hang tags are in the wrong cases ...


To be honest with you, I just Googled the 10 digit part number. That was enough to tell me it was a Highway 1 Strat. From there, I researched that particular model on a couple of Fender forums. That info revealed the first 3 numbers was the model. The next 4 numbers told the fretboard material and the last 3 numbers are the color code. As far as the serial number goes, the letter is the first number of the decade and the next number is the year. Z4 would mean zero 4 or 2004. This started in 76 I believe. S for seventy, E for eighty, N for ninety and Z for zero. The two links posted earlier in this thread are excellent resources. If you get stumped, just post a picture of the hang tag and I'll be more than happy to help you out. Good Luck!! Cody Hardin

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