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Fender Catalogs online?


Back in the 60s, my favorite (and most acceptable) form of porn was the glossy color Fender catalogs that were in horizontal format and (I think) came out every two years.

Is there any place online that has these catalogs scanned in? This is one of the ones I'm talking about.


Those original catalogs used to go for hi $. Now less so .. scans are good enough. I don't know of one source that has them all. Early ones were pretty drab affairs. Check em rockin out on Jaguars and Jazzmasters -- those were the hot lick of the time. Strats and Teles were sort of yesterday's news.


I have a pile of the Frontline catalogs. Always thought they were the ultimate catalog. Great glossy pictures, lots of history, featured players and story lines.


You can get books of compilations of some magazines.

Compilations of musical instrument catalogs would be a pretty good publishing venture.

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