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ES-150 Gig Debut


I've been eager to play some actual swing tunes with this guitar with the band (Aileen Quinn and the Leapin' Lizards), but have been waiting for the right gig and the right venue to maximize the probability of not having anything go wrong. But I managed anyway, owing to some minor nervousness about whether the volume would be too loud (that pickup amazed me with how loud it was at the same amp settings I was using with my Reverend Tricky Gomez), and having more trouble than I should've remembering that we dropped that song from Db to C (which should have made it easiser, right?), so while it's hardly a showcase of my best playing, it's the only video I have from last night, so I'm going with it. Even the bartender commented on how great it sounded and came over to look at it after the show. Looking forward to playing it (better) again.

Oh, one other thing: we don't normally dress like this for shows, it was a Halloween dance and we were all in costume.


Very nice! And the guitar looks great too.


Sounds great, and I think I found Waldo!


That sounded great, and your playing sounded fine to me. Thanks for sharing!


2:15 the goods kick in!!cant beat a vintage tweed EH gibson amp. Have you ab'd it w the fake V47 model that is housing a valco-ish motor?


No, haven't played through a Vintage 47 yet, I think Jonathan has one he plays his 150 through. Last gig of his that I went to he asked me to bring mine so he could compare them, it was total guitar-geekdom. Deke would have been proud.

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