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Hey guys. I recently scored a 1967 Epi Casino. In a word ,awesome. It isn't super original (refret, wrong tailpiece ,phase switch ,changed heads etc ) but man! Does it play nice and sound heavenly.I know this is a long shot but I also found most of a Casino style tremolo which I believe is probably from an Asian one. I have been trying to find an arm to fit it but no luck. Any clues as to where I can find the parts? I have been scouring online but so far no luck..Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Here's what I have for the tremolo so far.



good luck

keep scourin'



George liked a Bigsby.


George liked a Bigsby.

– lx

I like the Bigsby as well! I was just vainly hoping to get it closer to original, but I have a B7 on order anyway.


Congrats! That's a beauty. I'll get back to a Casino one of these days. They are amazing guitars.


I sold my '60s Casino a few years ago. That center pickup was in the way of my strumming and those torsion vibratos are worthless. Wonderful neck and sound, though.


Very nice. I love the sound of a thinline hollow body with P90s.

One general question leaves me: Do the late 60s Epis follow the narrow Gibson neck width of these years?


I'm not a fan of the tiny 60s necks Gibson was producing in this era .While this one is smaller than any other neck in my collection, it's not as bad as many I've tried.


Yes! Awesome guitar. I have one of the 2011 50th Anniversary reissues. It feels smoother and tighter than the regular modern Casinos. It sounds great. The only thing I can see that gives it away as a reissue is the polyurethane finish. I think you could even replace your tailpiece with a modern one if you choose to keep it non-vibrato.

I stumbled on my Casino on Craigslist when I was looking for a Gretsch 5422. I was searching for a thinline double cutaway hollow body and didn't expect I would be able to find the 61 reissue Casino anywhere. I would love to play a real 1960s example like yours. Congratulations!


Beauty,that's a lovely burst too,congrats!


I like the Bigsby as well! I was just vainly hoping to get it closer to original, but I have a B7 on order anyway.

– GaryE

I bought an Elitist Casino about 8 years ago, and had my luthier install a B7. No issues, and you are going to love that guitar!


Lovely guitar. In the late 1970s I had an Epiphone Sheraton with mini humbuckers; preferred the Epi thinlines to the Gibson 335 types.

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