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eaten up w/ Dano


Well I got a few things on the want list-- also went looking for that Neptune Bound/Guitars from Neptune... out of print and dudes are trolling for hi-$ on them. But a new edition coming soon, so I will just wait it out.


Had forgotten that I wanted that book (thanks) - Guess I'll wait for the 2020 version too. lol


I really hope the new edition is better than the original. It's not laid out very well and the picture quality is dreadful.


Danos are great. I liked the Danos I had soundwise, but the only one that didn't have a toothpick neck on it was my MOD7, 7-string. It had a great neck, but had such goofy pickup switching, that after 3 years of ownership, it drove me up the wall, and I said bye-bye to it.

My old Danelectro MOD7 the day it was delivered to me at work

Supposedly the '67 Heaven Hawk, sort of reissue, has a more substantial neck to it, but ahhhhh, I don't know.


I want an original 1967 short scale Dano Hawk bass more than anything. None to be found except one w/ Insane Japanese Dudes

Got my killer 3923 up for sale btw


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