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Eastwood Gospel Like Guitar


Very cool. I was wondering why Eastwood didn't do a Mark V copy. This is called a Mark IV. I guess the Gospel was a Mark IV nut I always thought it was a Mark V just called the Gospel.

The thing is that it doesn't have the Mosrite like trem but a Jazzmaster. I have a Jazzmaster and a Mosrite and although the Jazzmaster trem is very smooth and nice, the Mosrite beats it hands down in my book. Too bad they couldn't come up with a Mosrite like trem. The bridge saddles look to be different too. But for under $600 it may be a good one to have. I have the real thing so no need to buy this one but if you want a Mosrite Mark V and Gospel like guitar then this may be for you if you don't mind the differences. Hopefully one difference is the frets. Hope this one has frets unlike the Mark V. I love my Mark V but having a hard time getting used to the fretlessness of the frets. I am getting used to it though.



The pickups even look like smooth top Mosrite pickups. -

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