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Eastman T58V - Filtertrons and Bigsby


I saw these pop up Reverb a couple weeks ago, and I had never seen them before. It looks like Eastman is trying to get a little of that Gretsch money.

TV Jones pickups, a U.S. Bigsby, carved spruce top, and a "varnish" finish for under 2 grand.

Interesting choice of dog-ear mounts for the pickups. It's unusual to see something besides generic "Tron-buckers" and an import Bigsby on something like this. I wonder if you could easily put some P90s on it.



I've played it unplugged a couple of times. I'll say up front that Eastman builds really nice guitars these days - their ES175 copy is killer, I like it better than the standard overbuilt 175 Gibson is doing these days.

The pumpkin Eastman...plays great, weighs next to nothing, very light build. I have mixed feelings about that carved top - I'm pretty sure it couldn't handle my stage volume without howling. My first reaction was "ooh...that'll take dogear P90's nicely!" too, but it's got a really tall/high neck set, those Filtertrons are kind of at their height limit too, so for dogear P90's to work, you'd have to put them on some really tall spacers.


Ahhh...that's too bad about the neck angle. I'd love to see something similar with P90s and a different color. I've never played one, or even seen one in person.


According to the Eastman Site, that model has a PRS-like 25" scale. Looks cool. Eastman is doing some Les Paul clones now too that look to be quite nice also.


I have one of these, and I saw another one pop up for $1250 either on craigslist or reverb, which made my trigger finger awful itchy (because I, too, wanted to put some P90s or 'tron-sized T-Armonds in it) before someone beat me to it. It is indeed a great guitar, the 25" was easier to get used to than any other 25er I've owned, and the pickups do the job nicely.

I'd like one of their ES-175 clones (the AR372), too, (it's got a 1.75" nut), and there's been one on craigslist nearby for $650 for the longest time. So far I haven't convinced myself I need another guitar, and I just bought two amps anyway, so it probably won't happen. Their T64/v is mighty appealing, too, a thinline with dogears, a B7, and their antiqued varnish finish. And there's one right here in California (albeit Santa Cruz, which is a few hours up the road) for $1520. That probably won't happen, either.


I like the idea of the 25” scale. I know TV makes options I like that would drop right in, but I’m shallow when it comes to the look of certain aspects of my gear. : )


I'm reviving my thread because I noticed something amazing about this Eastman model. For those of us who are fickle about the cutaway style, this one is different depending on how you look at it. Fancy!

Evidently, it's only the amber color that's this way, though.


Had an Eastman AR372 (ES-175 copy). Killer guitar. Great jazz tone, light, responsive, flawless fit and finish. Took it back because I couldn’t get used to the 1.75” nut, wider string spacing.

Having said that, highly recommended for jazzers.

Of course, as always, your mileage may vary


Eastman build quality is overall very impressive. One off their 16” acoustic archtops has been a workhorse for me for swing gigs for a long time. It has at least as much thump as the old Epiphones favored by some of my pals. Somebody at Eastman is clever enough to look around and see small niches neglected by other manufacturers, or compete head to head on price.


I never noticed that in the picture, and I've never seen a t58/v with a Florentine cutaway. I did end up buying an AR372 and putting a pair of Railhammer Clean Cut 90s in it, as well as a Bigsby and a Tru Arc, and it's a beautifully wonderful jazz box with a Bigsby, which I have to tell myself not to use at Jazz Band rehearsal.


That IS amazing, dhd. It’s an accomplishment of nearly surreal proportions. They’ve got the priority right as well.

In the age-old conflict of the warring city-states of aesthetics, Florence SHOULD bring up the rear.

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