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Eastman acoustics


Any input on Eastman acoustics? I’ve been kicking around getting their Gibson J-45 inspired model. I don’t have an opportunity to play one, but have heard some good things about them.


Not exactly and apples to apples comparison. But, my son has the AR-805CE (hollow body Jazz Box with a single floating ken Armstrong mini humbucker). It's a very well made instrument. Had some minor issues with the electronics, but the quality of the guitar is very nice. He picked it because his former jazz guitar teacher (Bob Snider of Eastman School of Music) endorses them. They seem to hold their value pretty well too.


My Eastman archtop acoustic is a hand carved wonder of rhythm thump. The flat tops I’ve played have been very nice. These are a lot guitar for the money.


i have an Eastman OOO-sized flattop that i love to pieces...i looked for a OOO i liked for years. my only complaint was that it developed fret end sproutage which i had to get fixed.


I first came across their mandolins which are nice but not spectacular. I tried a OOO and an archtop a couple of weeks ago, both really nice guitars. The archtop was especially impressive.


These comments are consistent with everything I've ever heard about them (and what I've observed at their NAMM booths). Excellent quality outright, especially at the money. The fundamentals (and TONE) seem always to be right, but they might need a little attention to a setup detail here and there.

But the pricing is pretty right. My Blueridge has not turned out to be a permanent slope-shoulder solution - and after my experiences with this Blueridge (which has been a very unstable guitar) and a Trinity College bouzouki (whose tailpiece has broken and Saga won't sell me one), I won't be buying another Saga product. Shame, because when the guitar's geometry is humanly playable, it sounds fine.

The Eastman looks like exactly the right thing. I'm also attracted by their OO - though I wish it came with a slotted headstock in something other than a plain clear-finish top. (Burst or vintage stain, maybe.)

Now I'm watching for these...


Tim, The OOO I played was a burst and covered in pearloid. A bit rich for my plain tastes but maybe something to consider? Sound wise it was pretty bang in between my Southern Jumbo and a parkour guitar, which makes sense if you think about it but I was surprised that the sonic impression was so clear.


Try this one! Made in the USA and check out the serial number, if I was crazy enough to get another guitar, it would probably be this one. https://bellingham.craigsli...


I had an Eastman e10d that the nut on the truss rod snapped off. They replaced it. I currently have an E20OM the truss rod appears to be maxed out currently and I'm nervous to over tighten it. It's currently my porch and grilling guitar. They are on the higher end or were a few years ago when I purchased of the cheaper Chinese made guitars.

I'd probably explore even cheaper options next time.

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