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Easiest Playing Guitar Is One I’d Never Heard Of


I've owned a lot of guitars over the years and they have basically extended across the range from difficult to play, all the way to "smooth as butter". But I picked up this Peavey HP-1 on a trade for an amp I didn't want. I didn't want another guitar either, but whatever. Anyhow, this thing is easier to play, especially on the higher frets, than any other guitar I've owned. I've never heard of this model before; apparently they have the neck set at a slightly different angle than standard which is what provides the ease of playing on the higher notes.

I'm only posting this because I was quite surprised by this guitar that remained under the radar. There is very little online about it, other than the product specs and a few reviews.


So many makes and models now -- and some are really spectacular.


Good lookin' git.. how wide is it across the lower?


I own one of these too, though mine is sunburst. You're absolutely right, it plays extremely nice! I also think the pickups Sound spectacular. A great guitar and a Real bargain actually!



That's a very nice looking guitar, stratman, I've never seen one of these before, but it sure is pretty! It's really cool when one of these sleepers pops up, and turns out to be a great player.


Probably a Peerless build. Looks like a player. ROCK ON!


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Are you sure on that model number? I search for "HP-1", and find only solidbodies by Peavey.


it's peavey JF-1

amazon has 'em for 399$



I was about to say I own that model and it is great little player for the price but mine is a JF-1. HP-1 appears to be a single cut LP-style guitar


Something you might find interesting, Stratman, is the output of the pickups. I was curious so some time back I inquired with Peavey. The magnets are ceramic 5. The output of the bridge is 12k and the neck 7.4.


I just took mine out of its case today, and it really is a lovely guitar. (it's been my first electric) Had to take a picture for you guys:

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