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doing a relic Tele project - Question


Errr.... if you like humbucking pickups, I can't really offer much insight. To me, they just argue against the spirit of the instrument. Of course, that is just my own Luddite opinion, and not to be taken seriously. However, you will have to route a bit anyway, I think, and swapping out pick guards becomes problematic.


The 52 Hot Rod I tried had a Seymour Duncan Firebird style mini-humbucker. It sounded wonderful. I like CC neck pickups too and I have a CC from Vintage Vibe that drops right in with no extra routing required.

The Novak one looks nice but I thought the closed top Firebird one looked better - like a rectangular version of the original unit.


I put a pair of mini humbuckers in the neck and middle positions of one of my Teles, along with a typical bridge single coil. The minis work great with the single coil, but then they were wound as a set & designed to work with each other. I got them from David Plummer of Zhangbucker Pickups. He also offers something he calls a "Mini PAF". I've not tried one out, but it's an interesting idea.



The quest continues... as I wait the requisite "way too long" for my donor guitar from Heritage Auction. I've appreciated everyone's input on the pickup discussion. I'm still leaning towards the Curtis Novak TEL-JM P-90, which is a Jazzmaster P-90 in a dogear cover, specifically made to work with the Tele bridge pu. AND... this unit doesn't require any body routing, so it will be a low risk prospect. The only catch is that I really wanted to go with a chrome cover to get "the look". I've made an inquiry with Curtis about that, and am awaiting a response. Check out the specs... Novack TEL-JM P-90


That's pretty cool. White on white would be cool if no go on the chrome.


I hate it when guys talk about a project their doing but then never follow-up and show the results. So... here's the Road Worrier Tele, finally finished and fitted with a B12. I love the way it plays, but the Bigsby didn't quite cover the bridge pu route. Apparently there's some variability between the US, MIM, and MIJ bodies. In fact the TK Smith aluminum shim had to be modified as the holes didn't line-up with the MIJ screws. Doesn't matter, as I'm happy with it!


Here's a close look...

If I decide to try a P-90 or one of the TK Smith Bigsby repros in the neck, I'll get a new guard made that runs straight across (no notch for the bridge), and that will solve that problem too. For now I'm sticking with the stock neck pu.


Honestly, for a reliced road warrior (or worrier, as the case may be) I LIKE the bit of gap there above the bridge pickup... Adds to the "been around forever, the previous owners modded it a bit while playing the snot out of it for a few decades" feel to it...


I'm pretty impressed with the Bigsby. I've never had one (a B12 or a B5) on a Tele before and was prepared for it not to be as responsive. But for what I do, it's just fine. I'm really liking how she plays!


Looks great Ed, surely you mean B16 not B12.


Sharp! Love the striations. - they definitely look like natural aging.

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