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Do Gibson HBs come with different sized bezels?


I've had a query from a customer that's thrown me a bit of a curve ball. I always assumed the black/cream bezels on Gibson style HBs were universal in footprint, but having done some research it seems 335 style guitars sometimes look to have much bigger bezels, while in other shots they look the same as LPs. My own 335 certainly has bigger bezels than the Di Marzios on my other non-Gretsch HB-equipped guitar, but it is a (very good) copy so could be incorrect.

Anyone know anything about this or do I have to find a Gibson forum?


Are your DiMarzios in a Japanese guitar by chance? The pickups for the MIJ guitars were different from standard aftermarket U.S. series and sometimes the frames had different mounting ring dimensions. I never heard of any differences with Gibsons and each one I owned had standard size ring footprints. They differ in height and angle, though.


Yes, the DM’s are on a Japanese guitar, but the story goes deeper than that. As you may know TV Jones sells hb mounts for his F’Tron family of pick-ups. I’ve always sold these as ‘Gibson compatible’ and have never had any complaints or returns. Here is one of Tom’s bezels along side my Di Marzio.


And lengthways. As you can see, close enough for rock’n’roll.


But up against the 335 (copy) there’s a chasm of difference. I’m perfectly willing to concede that my Fibson is not as close a copy as I thought and this is the outlier, but the customer sent me what he says are the dimensions for both Tom’s HB mounts and also Gibson mounts and there appears to be 3mm difference between the two, which concurs with what we’re seeing here.

I have to confess I’ve not measured Tom’s yet and I could just ask him, but they’re not open for a few hours yet so I thought I’d throw it to the wider audience and see what wisdom comes back.


Those frames on the 335 copy look very wide. But since the pickups also look a bit off (the poles do not follow string spacing etc.) they could simply be smaller, too.

Here's the pus of my Gibson ES 335 for comparison.


And while had a look in my parts box I found some rings from a DiMarzio equipped MIJ Les Paul and compared them to others. Varying distances indeed. MIJ left, standard size right.


This whole thing has thrown me for a loop. I assumed for 20+ years that the bezels were universal. Then again, I only discovered about 3 years ago that strat pickups have different polepiece spacings...

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