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Well from left to right, Estelle the Cat shows you

22.5 scale Duo Sonic neck on Jazzmaster body w/ buckers. This is my main ride.

Phantom IX -- one of two that exist In This World, but probably only wanted by one person In This World

In process; Crazed Strat stereo thang: 3 bass strings; 3 guitar strings for Timid Folk Music; ain't done yet.

Esquire scene w badass bucker, and body thickness same as Duo Sonic. .

24" scale Duo Sonic neck on Jazzmaster w Stratbuckers. You can probably guess what color this on is going to be.



Are you holding on to them until the value of their rarity sky rockets?


You can probably guess what color this on is going to be.

White with a red pickguard?

I imagine you can safely say there's not another guitar collection like that anywhere in the world.

I have bottomless respect for a man who knows what he wants - or even thinks he knows - and steadfastly plows little-known and sometimes spurned fields to harvest it. Go man go!


Well the idea now is to sell the Phantom to pull in the money to finish the other 3. Pickups and writing for the guitar / bass going to be a challenging but We Have Ideas.

But even tho Phantom is one of only 2 in the universe -- only aliens from some other part of the universe want something like that. Refretted and plek job al$o = action can be lo-as-hell. Well rarity doesn't always equal value.

Basically it will be a shootout between the last two -- one of which will be my Fogerty tuned down to D guitar. The Tele thing is evil 25.5 scale but just for chords etc. I can live with it.

I keep saying that w/ the mega rout, that Jazzmaster on the end has an acoustic like ring that is quite remarkable. On the verb along w/ the Gretsch cut pickguard included. If it is still around in a while it comes down and gets fini$hed off.

So other temptations like the Safari amp have to wait.

So the insanity may slow down for a while.

Will keep you informed


The guit/bass is gonna be a really interesting machine


The guit/bass is gonna be a really interesting machine

– Tsar Nicholas

it's for fingerpicking lo-end bass notes, and 3 finger chords only. No strumming this thing. Still working on what pickups will be... but yes, 2 outputs for 2 amps or 2 channels. At first I had this mutant mega 1 7/8" wide Warmoth Strat neck on but still not thing enough for me. Can get by w/ 1 3/4.


is that an actual guitar/bass i.e. detuned low strings, or standard tuning with a split pickup for stereo? what's the tuning? and how is the balance on the 22.5 Duo Jazz? does the body stay in a comfortable place considering the difference in mass between a JM neck and the super-short-scale DS neck? and how do the 'buckers sound with the short scale?


maybe the split pickups like a Fender XII? or the Spectrum pickups from Teisco? i believe you may be able to get modern repros of the Spectrum PUs from Eastwood, and originals are not uncommon on Reverb. in your place i would seriously consider the Fenders, a similar version of which appears on certain models of the Italia Imola.


Spectrum pickups from Teisco? i believe you may be able to get modern repros of the Spectrum PUs from Eastwood

Alas, the Eastwood Spectrum pickups are not truly wired for stereo. Despite the split housings, the guitar is wired so the identical signal goes out both holes. The second knob isn't tone, it's a volume for the second output. It's a very nice guitar, very springy in feel and bouncy in tone, with one of the nicest tremolos I ever (plus the case smells like candy). Otherwise I wouldn't keep mine.

I corresponded with Mike Robinson before buying it, and he assured me it's "wired just like the original," though he didn't specify which original - the 60s Teisco or the 90s repro by Somebody Else. And in any case, I think both of those are true split-pickup stereo; that is, the three treble sides of the split pickups to one output and the bass sides to the other.

It's annoying that the Eastwood is configured in the brain-deadest possible way - and even worse than just brain-dead. Who would build a guitar that looks like it's equipped with all the switching known to man, presented as "stereo," without a tone control? And "stereo" that could be achieved with any AB-Y box?

Who would? Eastwould.

However, Mike had let me trade a previous Eastwood purchase - a Backlund 100 - for the Spectrum at full value, and I couldn't very well whine about it. (I've always been treated very fairly by Eastwood.) But when I emailed explaining that no, it wasn't stereo like the originals, there was no substantive response. Something like "hmm, I'll be darned."

I've opened it up and ascertained that all 6 pickups (3 trebles, 3 basses) ARE separate pieces, with their own leads. There's no reason it couldn't be wired as stereo as it's supposed to be. But the wiring in the guitar (except for leads to pups and pots and switches) resides on printed circuit boards, and figuring out (and modifying) the signal paths is above my pay grade. I'm sure someone could figure it out, but it would surely involve a complete rewire.

Then (further down in the weeds), I don't know that the slider switches which activate the pickups have enough poles to support switching both the treble and the bass pup at each position at the same time. Something else to work out in a rewire - which might require a new pickguard for any new switches.

(Which, come to think of it, I wouldn't mind. I could get rid of the silly plastic "Spectrum V" script logo, and the kindergarten-kolorific switches. It would still have the goofy German carve and dopey Teiscowood headstock, but otherwise the damn thing would have a shot at some dignity. Is it obvious how fundamentally good the guitar must be when I dislike so many things about it?)

Mac, are you saying the original Teisco pickups (and wiring harness, perchance?) are common on Reverb? I hadn't though to look. The guitars themselves aren't so common.

I think, though, that I hunted down an original wiring diagram. Any wiring wizard on the GDP want to take it on?

ANYway, my travails with a guitar that's almost as great as it's supposed to be are beside the point here, I guess. If a guy could source the half-pups, he could deploy them on a project however he wanted.

Thanks for the chance to vent, and reminder of another of my guitars that needs some work I can't do to make it the best that it can be.


the pickups. very rarely you might see a harness or loaded pickguard, but the most common item is a single pickup from an individual seller. i wouldn't quite say that they're "common," but between there and eBay you sometimes can find 3 or 4 at a particular time in various conditions from nearly new to, erm, naturally reliced. i shop for odd Japanese pickups on a regular basis...they're often delightfully different to more traditional American designs, with a woody, scooped quality that's perfect for roots music and ambient looping.


While clearly off on a wild tangent, this at least fits in the category of mutant: a clear pink acrylic Spectrum V. What will they think of next.


I think maybe a couple of the lines in the description (from a Japanese feller) don't say quite what he intends...unless, ominously, they do:

Remaining frets / about 8 minutes
Rank / A + / Beautiful with little usability (see photo)


holy camoly! that certainly is a thing. just looking at it takes me back to the 60s...i can almost taste that metallic thing in my throat that means the LSD is kicking in.


"this fretboard will self-destruct in 8 minutes...good luck, Jim."


I'm sure it weighs enough to hold you down, should you start to levitate.


"Extremely rare and rare! The legendary Spectrum Five limited resurrection! !!"

late for Easter, or prepping for a COVID spring 2021? and "rare and rare (emphasis added)"? difficult to find and barely cooked? well, it is pink...


these painkillers are making me extremely silly.

i'm always intrigued by transparent/translucent guitars because you can see the guts.

I've opened it up and ascertained that all 6 pickups (3 trebles, 3 basses) ARE separate pieces, with their own leads. There's no reason it couldn't be wired as stereo as it's supposed to be.

so if i understand you, the pickups on their own would work in stereo if wired correctly?


the pickups on their own would work in stereo if wired correctly?

I don't see why they wouldn't. Each has a pair of leads thereunto.


just wanted to be clear for my own database and for folks who will have this thread turn up in a Google search.


the guitars are cool and interesting, but to be honest i'd rather play with Estelle ❤❤❤


Gotta catch up w/ you dudes...

From left to right

Love the 22.5 Duo neck Jazzmaster body. No balance issues ... light, way-routed body, like Olympic size swmming pool rout

Phantom 9 -- Just like a lot of odd stuff out there for sale .. you have have to wait till the right guy comes along. But w/ big frets and plek job we got Stupid Low action. A good fingerpicking scene. Tedious single coils dumped for decent buckers.

Guitar/Bass 3/3 mutant. Update is neck is out for hi-gloss clear. It's 3 bass strings , LaBella flats 96s. E A D. Appreciate all the pickup ideas. What will be tried is 1/2 a DiMarzio Spilt P bladebucker for neck position for bass and for neck guitar. If it is deep soundign for guitar, ok Deep Is Good. For treble might try this Chinese 3 pole bucker and if it sounds ok Spray it in White (carefully) Got 3 sets of stack / concentric pots... can use 2 but not sure what kind of tricks a 3 rd could be except master volume tone... but will be 2 outputs for sure. Already tried in w/ no amp and it plays well for Timid Folk Music.

Tele -- that neck was sold (had no nut, couldn't be bothered) and it now has this Mutant Warmoth 1 7/8" wide one, yes in evil 25.5 scale -- the scale that should have never been invented-- but this is for D-tuning, down a whole step like Fogerty, and mainly chords on lower 7 frets. Probably using 11s on this.

Jazzmaster w/ 24" Duo Sonic neck. SOLD and you dudes missed it. The rout on this thing was such that it had an acoustic ring like no other solid body I ever picked up. This was heard in the amplified sound. Very unique sounding guitar.

So that's the update. Guiltar bass and dropped tuning ones to be shown when completed.

Estelle sends her Festive Holiday Greetings to all.


if you play slide that Tele should be the bomb.


DC, I assume you've noticed a lot of your guitars are red.


DC, I assume you've noticed a lot of your guitars are red.

– Proteus

I would say Bob Howard made me do it ... but not really. But he was the first to notice, going back to that kool red Rick 650... might have been something earlier really. One reason I troll for refins -- get em cheaper and do them up in red.

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