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Dig my mutants


Well from left to right, Estelle the Cat shows you

22.5 scale Duo Sonic neck on Jazzmaster body w/ buckers. This is my main ride.

Phantom IX -- one of two that exist In This World, but probably only wanted by one person In This World

In process; Crazed Strat stereo thang: 3 bass strings; 3 guitar strings for Timid Folk Music; ain't done yet.

Esquire scene w badass bucker, and body thickness same as Duo Sonic. .

24" scale Duo Sonic neck on Jazzmaster w Stratbuckers. You can probably guess what color this on is going to be.



Are you holding on to them until the value of their rarity sky rockets?


You can probably guess what color this on is going to be.

White with a red pickguard?

I imagine you can safely say there's not another guitar collection like that anywhere in the world.

I have bottomless respect for a man who knows what he wants - or even thinks he knows - and steadfastly plows little-known and sometimes spurned fields to harvest it. Go man go!


Well the idea now is to sell the Phantom to pull in the money to finish the other 3. Pickups and writing for the guitar / bass going to be a challenging but We Have Ideas.

But even tho Phantom is one of only 2 in the universe -- only aliens from some other part of the universe want something like that. Refretted and plek job al$o = action can be lo-as-hell. Well rarity doesn't always equal value.

Basically it will be a shootout between the last two -- one of which will be my Fogerty tuned down to D guitar. The Tele thing is evil 25.5 scale but just for chords etc. I can live with it.

I keep saying that w/ the mega rout, that Jazzmaster on the end has an acoustic like ring that is quite remarkable. On the verb along w/ the Gretsch cut pickguard included. If it is still around in a while it comes down and gets fini$hed off.

So other temptations like the Safari amp have to wait.

So the insanity may slow down for a while.

Will keep you informed


The guit/bass is gonna be a really interesting machine


The guit/bass is gonna be a really interesting machine

– Tsar Nicholas

it's for fingerpicking lo-end bass notes, and 3 finger chords only. No strumming this thing. Still working on what pickups will be... but yes, 2 outputs for 2 amps or 2 channels. At first I had this mutant mega 1 7/8" wide Warmoth Strat neck on but still not thing enough for me. Can get by w/ 1 3/4.

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