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Did someone had an experience with a D’Angelico EX 59 ?


Hi folks,I'm peeping at one on the bay and wondering, how they feel, sound and play .Korean made and looking beautiful IMO.


No real experience. I've been looking at them too, I think they're pretty cool for the money.

I briefly played one unplugged at the Frankfurt show two years ago, and it was heavier than I expected.


looks cool with the black pickups...i'd only ever seen cream...i was very interested in this model..but after playing a few, i'd agree with walter...heavy!!...with not much acoustic tone coming out of the body...i much prefer their ex ss model..tho the pickups aren't as cool



Thank you both for the info! That means to me, not to spend much money on it and calms me down.Sad that some guitars are only made for good looking.


NO experience with this model...... But I've had a D'Angelico EX-SS for 4 years and have been very happy with it.

EXTREMELY well made with great attention to beautiful details. Light weight (less than 7 pounds) it plays very well. I was not in love with the Armstrong pickups -- a bit dark for my tastes -- and replaced them with TV Jones.


the ex-ss is a different animal altogether..it was originally designed for d'angelico when they were first relaunching the brand, by the great philadelphia area luthier bill comins..in fact bill offers his own well regarded version..with his own final tweaks and touches ..ala sadowsky



Here's a review some guy wrote


– Shuggie

I found that review yesterday myself and was irritated by the line """The EX-59’s acoustic response is so loud and lively that quite some time may elapse before you feel inclined to plug it in.""" Some above mentioned, it's not very acoustic and heavy .


I played a new one last summer in a music store in Ashland, Oregon. I was drawn to its cool looking headstock. It is a nice well made ok guitar but overpriced for what it is. Should be under $1,200.00 new. I think they are pretty proud of the unique headstock. It was not loud acoustically and it had the p90 sound. There are a lot of guitars like these available without the fancy headstock in the $700 to $800.00 price range. I ended up with a new Hagstrom HJ800 solid spruce top. Hagstroms have a pretty fancy head stock. I modified it with a bigsby, master volume, and P94 pickups couldn't be happier with it.


Looks great and I like that kind of genuine leather belts like yours.


Err... maybe maybe the contradictory viewpoints could be seen as indicative of manufacturing inconsistency rather that a cause for irritation?


I don't know. But the price of the ex 59 don't raise very high at the moment.I'll see tomorrow, what happened.

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