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Got this 1984 Ibanez DT-155 dirt cheap locally and am loving it! My first electric guitar was a black and creme Roadstar that a good friend sold me, and when I saw this I had to have it.

 photo 95ECF93C-05C3-4194-A7FC-278DFE00D3D1_zpsiv21vzej.jpg photo 75C02B0E-CE81-4712-A3C8-F91CC0752881_zpsh3fhig9t.jpg photo ACDB9967-93F5-4699-9FEC-F14A3C5F66C7_zpsbis4nrbz.jpg

It was seriously filthy but all there. Some numb nut filled ALL the screw heads with JB weld...why?

So after some tlc it's rockin'!

 photo 49CBE3EE-A917-4429-97C9-82CB0BE06AB6_zpsbg3nw9nn.jpg

Had to lower the saddles after stringing it up with some GHS 10-46 strings.

 photo 39B1260A-0549-49A9-85E4-2ED474FFD559_zpskvdlze93.jpg photo CBB25D6B-1997-4430-99D9-986E59EF636A_zpszb6v2eyw.jpg

Had to clean some old holoflake decal film off the rear control plates. Here you can still see the filled in screw heads. Bizarre. Maybe he/she didn't want anybody taking it apart?

 photo F7E25018-1BA2-491F-BC68-A46E58D1227C_zpsgmrq7fev.jpg photo AE5613B4-7463-40C9-9140-339D98C6BDA9_zpsqtblu2ah.jpg Some kind of inscription was written with ball point pin under the tuners but I got it to disappear.

 photo B00A63D2-9B21-4FBE-8D73-3A6ED4EF93D1_zpskza1gzp1.jpg photo 391D8BC4-CB63-4927-BCB4-E2E9EFE4E693_zpsnbp0wwty.jpg Triple Super 70s! Middle pickup has a volume pot to bring it in the mix. First time I'd heard or seen of this model tremolo...a Powerocker. I've got a Edge bar coming for it and hope it snaps in correctly.

Some body scars on the front. Hope I can buff it some to get them out. But it doesn't really matter to me. I like it as is. The neck is incredible on this thing. Very nice worn feel with a great shape to it. The guitar isn't heavy either and balances really well. I never thought of myself as a explorer type guy but they are very comfortable on me. Nice original case too!

 photo 43BBD9C3-4455-4D89-B958-D73253ECC03D_zps8edxjltq.jpg

 photo 474E8ADA-C56B-4654-99BD-A207F63C249A_zps6r0wwiul.jpg photo 565784D7-A83A-4FD7-988F-ECE199B4CF2D_zpsuyr60zda.jpg

Stuff like this keeps me going.

Yes I like some pointy guitars.


I always liked these guitars and the Iceman too. I think it's because I grew up listening to KISS. In fact at first glance I thought your thread was about the KISS album.



Thanks Buddy!

I grew up on KISS too. Good stuff.

A much younger me with my Ibanez Roadstar


Two members of the KISS Army reminisce ...

Hey start revvin up those Def Leppard licks... like its 1981


Hey, I was in the KISS Army too. Love the guitar, paul.


I figured as much when we first met Dave! Thanks.

Your right DC, Phil C used the set neck version of these, the DT-555. I guess it was one of his early signature models.


I put a pair of those strap buttons on my Cochran style guitar. It's got a V Bigsby (I know, I know!) and those buttons look great on it, echoing the styling cues. Also, no strap has ever come undone...

Great guitar that Ibanez, how is the centre pickup configured?


Oh Yea , thats a cool ! I've been pick'n up one or three of those 80's ibanezs too. Brings back some of those -my first guitar feeling - but dam, they where pretty good stuff. Setzer -what kind of Roadstar does the younger you have there ? looks kinda like this one !


I believe Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden used one!! back in the day i would have given my right arm for one. but of course then i wouldn't be able to play it. but still, Maiden Cool!!


Didier, a lot of guitar!

Abe, it has its own volume control that brings it in the mix when the pickup selector is in any position. Very cool sounds achieved.

Archtop, it was a Roadstar II I think. Had a Hum and single coil with the grip knobs. Maple cap under that black. I miss it.


Paul, I was always amazed to see Dave and Steve playing stock looking Fenders and Adrian playing superstrats, LPs, pointy stuff etc. One of my favorite groups.


That thing's badass, and 3 Super 70s? ROCK-N-ROLL!

Nice score for sure!


if you want to hear a Roadstar sing, check out Kevin Breit and his slide playing on one


if you want to hear a Roadstar sing, check out Kevin Breit and his slide playing on one

– paul pigat

Wow, thanks for posting that!


Drums, keyboards, pointy guitars, and headstock toupees---what's happened to you, Setzer?

Nice scores!


Slim, I'm falling back into the old gas routine! But I've been selling too. So it's equaling out.

Thanks for posting the Vid Paul! That's the model I had. I couldn't play it like that though.

6string, yes Super 70's.


Cool find! Though I prefer the lawsuit models.


Don't poke your eye out.


Cool guitar. Everybody needs at least one pointy one. I bet it sounds great with those Sovteks.

Is there any way to get that crud out of the screws?


That's cool Paul,congrats!


Thanks guys! I'll be careful Bob. I'd love one of the lawsuit models in korina. I had a lawsuit Ibanez telecaster. Should have kept it but really didn't know what I had at the time. Good thing I take pics of everything!

 photo 2f99.jpg

Otter, sounds great with the Mig60 el34s and midget 50h 6L6s. I've been poking and digging it out with an X-acto knife, breaking the tip of the blade as I go. Now that I think about it, it's more like solder consistency.


Thanks Buddy!

I grew up on KISS too. Good stuff.

A much younger me with my Ibanez Roadstar

– Setzer

Funny, I thought that was Lou Reed.


Let's not forget much of Van Halen's first album was recorded on a Destroyer!


I was hoping you would post the scott grove review as a joke :)

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