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Does/Has anyone owned the infamous Reverend Horton Heat gretsch? I’m debating between that or the 6120T-59 Chet Atkins model. I’ve never owned a Gretsch but frequent Guitar Center and really enjoy the 5420 but figured I would save up for a few more months to purchase one of those models mentioned. I wouldn’t mind buying one used so might be a good option. What are your thoughts between the two and potentially buying used? UC Browser SHAREit Appvn


I would go the RHH - I had one and an SSLVO - kept the SSLVO but still loved the RHH. Things I like about the RHH over the '59? No zero fret, great feeling neck and cooler inlays. I also like the soundpost bracing but hey, I like trestle too! I like locking tuners as per the RHH. It has enough good stuff on there that it would sway me over the '59.

I kept the SSLVO because mine was a particularly great guitar and I love the simplicity of the look once you remove the Setzer branding. It's tricky because they are all good. The zero-fret thing is my biggest dislike of the '59.


The zero fret and the wider neck are the appeals of the '59 for me.


I am wondering about the added links in the initial post by Lincon and even more by barrysingh102 & miyabhai101. As they seem to be off-topic and we have received some spam in the last days?!


IIRC the ‘59 models usually have V shaped necks. Go try one before buying. I think some of the reso guitars from the roots collection have V necks and are probably easier to find locally. V necks aren’t better or worse, just different. Otherwise, both guitars play and sound very similar.

And at that price don’t count out the Players Edition models. In that line, the 6118, 6119, and 6120 are all basically the guitar with different colors and bindings. get-9apps.com cartoonhd


This thread is almost a year old and the OP hasn't returned. Yes, likely SPAM.


At least they asked Gretsch related questions before they spammed us. They're still scum of the Earth, however.


Since when have spam posts started to sound like cogent, relevant conversation? I don't think bots are able to do that. At least I hope not. Is there an actual person with a reasonable knowledge of Gretsch spreading spam one post at a time?


Evidently, more than one. Lincon and Pinknemo13 and I'm sure others.


This guitar was my dream come true since I'm a fan of The Rev. The finish is glossy smooth and the playability is like butter. A friend of mine couldn't believe it when I showed up with it, asking what it was and me just saying you know and then it dawned on him. Set-up was great right out of the box. I bought strap locks for it just in case, but they weren't needed as the strap buttons are basically a bolt and nut configuration.


This guitar is one of the best guitar in market and a dream of every guitarist. i am saving to buy my dream guitar, i am a fan of rev. mybkexperience mcdvoice

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