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Does/Has anyone owned the infamous Reverend Horton Heat gretsch? I’m debating between that or the 6120T-59 Chet Atkins model. I’ve never owned a Gretsch but frequent Guitar Center and really enjoy the 5420 but figured I would save up for a few more months to purchase one of those models mentioned. I wouldn’t mind buying one used so might be a good option. What are your thoughts between the two and potentially buying used? UC Browser SHAREit Appvn


I would go the RHH - I had one and an SSLVO - kept the SSLVO but still loved the RHH. Things I like about the RHH over the '59? No zero fret, great feeling neck and cooler inlays. I also like the soundpost bracing but hey, I like trestle too! I like locking tuners as per the RHH. It has enough good stuff on there that it would sway me over the '59.

I kept the SSLVO because mine was a particularly great guitar and I love the simplicity of the look once you remove the Setzer branding. It's tricky because they are all good. The zero-fret thing is my biggest dislike of the '59.

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