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About a month ago I started working in a new music store in my city. There's been a store in another city for about 6 years, and they decided to expand, and I'm managing the new store.

Dean is one of the brands we carry. And while most of their guitars are way too pointy for me, they make a few I really like. The Palomino has gotten some airplay around here in the past, but I can't speak to them yet as I haven't gotten one in the store.

A few guitars we have gotten are a Dean Tele, and a Cherryburst LP style EVO 2000.

The tele I have is black, but look at that one, it's awesome.

Anyway, It's a pretty standard tele:

  • Paulownia Top / Body
  • 25-1/2" Scale
  • Bolt-On Maple Neck
  • Maple Fingerboard
  • Dean Model "T" Pickups
  • Abalone Dot Inlays
  • Finishes: Classic Black, Classic White
  • Ashtray bridge with 6 saddles

It's really an awesome guitar. A good friend of mine came into my store the other day, and I made him try it out. He's got a Fender American Standard tele so I wanted him to compare and see what he thought. He said the playability and feel were almost dead on. His Fender has the modern flat bridge with strat style saddles instead of the ashtray with barrel saddles, and he liked the modern better, but aside from that it was a dead heat.

So I asked him to plug in and see what was up. After a half hour of running it through the paces he said hands down the Dean killed his Fender.

I haven't spent too much time with the LP, so I'll have to do a write up on that later. I have however spent almost an hour a day for the last month with this tele, and it's really an awesome guitar.

Here's the kicker. Dean has a deal where they won't sell certain models (both of these included) to the big box stores, they're only for independent dealers. How cool is that! It's really cool to see a big brand helping out the little guys.

What's better than that? This badass little tele is $225. It's on par with the American Standard tele that's going for $900, and less than a third the price.

I can't wait to bring one home. I was excited about the black one in the store, but when I saw the white it was all over. I have to order one now. Not that I need another tele, but man this thing is sweet.

Just thought I had to let you guys know that there's some really cool guitars out there, by brands you wouldn't expect, that you can't really find online. Check out your local store, you never know what you'll find.

And those of you looking into Squier CVs, and mexi Fender teles, do yourselves a favor and check this bad boy out.


Never been a huge fan of Dean guitars myself but that tele might make a good first player for some of my student's looking for the fenderish vibe. I'll pass the news on.


That headstock kills the whole vibe for me, with that mustache logo? What were they thinking? Other than the headstock, if reminds me quite a bit (looks wise) of my Tele. Mine's just a run of the mill Mexican made Tele, but is the best sounding Tele I've ever owned, even better than the Nash T-52 I had. I paid less for it than the Dean ;-)

I gotta say though, some of these manufacturers are starting to close the gap though.


I like their models that are rooted in the 70's especially the Z (explorer model).

I really like this one too.


I think that "horn" could kill a Rhino. :|


Love this post.. because I actually own a dean tele as well ( the black one ). It really does sound just as good, if not better than the fender telecasters costing 350+. Such an amazing guitar I play it every day and I can't let go of it..


Elliot Easton love them, and I used to drool over the Dean Pace electric upright bass.

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