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David Gilmour guitar sale…


It's a very nice interview, guitars aside.

And goodlord, look at the size of his hands in the pic at top. Those look like the aircraft carriers my little biplane fingers land on.

Geez. Just once I'd like to know what it's like.


Agreed- the interview was really good. Yeah, he's got lobster crushing hands for sure.


Sort of like Clapton did nearly 20 years ago... sold off all his iconic guitars, most of his collection and just uses his endorsement model.


Good read. Interesting quote “I’ve got one or two of my own more recent Fender-issue Black Strats, which are brilliantly good, and I’m happy when they hop into my fingers. Sometimes I can’t even tell whether I’m playing the first original one or these other ones.”

As for Prots big hands envy, wouldn’t playing a very small guitar have the same effect?


wouldn’t playing a very small guitar have the same effect?

It does, in fact. I've played things with ease on an Americana acoustic I struggle to execute cleanly - if at all - on a bigger guitar.

There's a difference in sound, though.


I was just discussing this auction at lunch yesterday. We figured the Black Strat for 500K plus. I too am surprised to see these opening bid prices. I'd be interested i seeing what they actually go for.


I read someplace that his original black strat was on display for some period of time and parts were stolen.The guitar has been restored,but I would bet it brings much less than expected.


Good article, I admire David Gilmore for his generosity. I'm sure it's a difficult decision, but "they are just tools of my trade", is a very healthy attitude. I've always loved his playing, and hope that he keeps it up for a long time.

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