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Darkness in the Abyss thread.


So Alright. There are some very pretty Red (CAR and Wine) colored guitars and new threads but the Black Gretsch guitars deserve some love to, eh?


Mid to late 90's 330,long gone now.


1989 Strat Plus Deluxe ,this one isn't mine but pretty much the same ,mine had a more white scratch guard though.


That Phoenix is something else.


My trans-black Eastman


The one I play the most.


Modded early type Pro Jet — P90 size TV Jones Filtertron and Bare Knuckle soapbar. New pickguard (looks white in the photo but it's actually silver) from Paul Setzer.


Wait till Sammywompus sees this thread. He's going to bury us in black and gold.

I was going to start a black thread and keep the food theme of the other two...all I could come up with was "licorice." This is probably a better idea!


Reverend Club King, 2009

There are some guitars there's just nothing better than; this is one of them. Spruce top, Reverend's holy bass contour circuit, Les Trem added by its previous owner (Snorre, to whom I still say thanks). A perfect guitar. You can't imagine.


And another shot, just because.


Yamaha BB200F Fretless Bass, 90s?

With black tape strings, natch. It's humble, but it's certainly all the fretless bass I deserve.


Michael Kelly Patriot P9, 2002

Figured maple over mahogany, P90s, dressy appointments. Great guitar, no matter how humble the brand. You can't see tell it from the pic, but the finish is actually transparent, though very dark.


Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel, 2007

A killer little lapper. It has sparkles, it's true - but it's mostly black. Call it Starful and Bible Black.


My God, it's full of stars!

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