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Traded my old National Reso-rocket for a D'Angelico Excel EX63.Real nice guitar.I havent owned an acoustic guitar in about 30 yrs.I know the value of the Reso is much more than the 63,but I havent been able to play the Reso for more than 10 mins or so since a motorcycle accident about 5 yrs ago tore up my left hand,elbow and shoulder.Also I payed very little for the reso at Mandolin Bros in Staten Island when I was their amp guy.They took it in trade and gave to me at cost,much less than the price of the 63.Anyways,I really like it so far.Great sound,good action seems real well made for a Korean axe.


Well, we're not each other - but I woulda kept the Reso-rocket! While electrified guitars with resonators never quite capture the funky vibe you'd hope for from such a combo (either the cone tone or the body tone always seem to dominate without finding an ideal blend), the National is the best of that breed I've come across. It looks killer too.

Not that I need one, mind you.

And, all that said, I hear and see nothing but good things of the Korean D'Angelicos, so have no doubt it's a competent archtop chopper. (Also a thing I have no business with, me and jazz being only theoretically acquainted.)

Korean guitars have been good almost from the beginning - and now I routinely expect great. I don't know how Peerless, Gretsch Electromatics, or Reverends could be better coming from anywhere else. I assume D'Angies are similar.

If you're happy, by golly I'm happy too.


The Reso is a great axe,for sure.One of the best resonators,but the fact that I really cant play it anymore,too heavy to play without a strap and with a strap,my left shoulder is such a mess I couldnt use it for more than 10-15 mins at a time.I have a wood bodied Dobro to fill my slide needs,much easier to shoulder.Financially,it was probably a bad move,but I dont buy guitars as an investment,at the moment,there was a guitar I wanted and the small store was willing to do the trade,I wont look back.I still got much more than I paid for it,so no regrets there.


Congrats Stokes and you made the move to meet the need. Smart move in my opinion as I believe Proteus is right on the mark with his comments about the quality of the Korean made guitars. I expect your new D'Angelico to be no less great and hope you have a ton of fun playing it.

I'm sorry to hear about your left arm and hand and hope somehow that time can bring more comfort and usability.


Hey man, target of opportunity, clean and easy deal - you got something you can use and put a piece back in the market that was no longer useful to you. That's a win all the way around.

Hope whoever gets the Reso will give it a workout, and glad you're enjoying the D'Angie.

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