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Daisy Rock


Got this cool guitar for my then 4 yr old grandaughter


Very cool. I've been eyeing a Daisy Rock Bangles Signature model.


Start 'em off right with a semi-hollowbody. :P


I don't know the model and it's in her care up in Ohio. Occasionally she gets it out has a little Peavey Amp. and rocks out a little. If she ever learned anything(I got her the baritone uke)makes more sense her fingers are way too small for the guitar. She just strums the strings and sings. Her favorite is Folsom Prison Blues,go figure,Believe it or not she has been on first name basis with Cris Young for about 5 yrs now. She was supposed to perform with him at fanfare a few years ago but something fouled it up and he didn't go on.She's sorta fickle though now she's best friends with Alan Jackson now. Her mom is crazy for country music and takes her to any concerts that come any where near her. That's probably my fault I took her Mother to see Alabama when she was less then 3yrs old she's been to more then 30 Alabama concerts to this day,Real good friends with the boys as she calls them.


Oh Yeah. One of her older sisters complains that she is the worst guitar player in the world. :) I think Mia should ask her oh you know all the guitar players in the world do you?


daisy rock is made by schecter

i've played some nice ones..if you don't mind pink butterflies!!..ha

actually they had a very danelectro feeling model double cutaway 12 string that was real nice...and a few tele inspired models that were cool



Well hers is a nice guitar a got for a couple hunnerd bucks four years ago. Without the pink it reminds me of the old Kay speed demon or Swingmaster. The one F hole I guess.


I bought my daughter a Stardust Elite several years ago. Nice guitar for the money, but a couple years later I bought her an Epiphone PR-5E acoustic/electric and she hasn't touched the Stardust since.

That seems to be the ongoing issue with Daisy Rock. The kids "outgrow" them.


Yeah but we do have a tendency to spoil them. In my case kids are all grown up out of college and I have 13 grand kids that's where all my Christmas money goes. Lol. A friend asked me this morning if Santa had been good to me? I laughed and said I kinda have Cristmas all year long. They outgrow everything we get them. But we keep on getting them stuff.


...and if you feed them, they get bigger.

My grandson is 16 months. He got bongos for Christmas. I've already got a uke for him, once he's big enough to hold it. He starts to dance when he hears music---he likes the Big Bang theme especially. It really is all about the kids.


I'm building a guitar for my youngest grandson he's fourteen months . Been thinking about putting a set of reins on it in case he wants to ride it like a pony !#$@%


Just realized that this Daisy Rock guitar is why Fender came up with the pink Excelsior amp.


My daughter is scheduled to inherit my customized purple Gretsch Corvette when she is older. I hope she wants to play!

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