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Custom tele, WARNING, minor relicing


Me and my friend (boss, instructor, Co worker,) were yakking around the shop the other day and decided it was time to get back into building custom guitars again.

This is what recently fell out of the fire.


The body is uber lightweight Paulownia With a single Little 59' straight to volume. The moon eyes were hand carved into the body, painted, then filled to create a somewhat 3 dimensional look to them. Our other coworker, Richard Raines (former Perfect Stranger), has a habit of "borrowing" our builds as soon as we finish them. He also REALLY doesn't like clowns or anything clown related. So we made an attempt to "Richard Proof" it.


man that looks like an old hot rod. i dig it... i mean really dig it!!!!!

those moon eyes just set it off!


yeah john you are spot on with the rodger rabbit reference... I dont like theme guitars... relics blah blah... but when things come together I can't complain...

well done


Normally, I'm not a fan of tele knock offs. But this one I like. This one I like very much. How does it play?


I like.

Well executed Mooneyes theme.


I dig it. Gives me different ideas for a Tele project I have running through my brain.


As a longtime 2 tone records fan, I love the headstock and pickguard.


That's looks great! I like everything but the eyes. Maybe one should look "punched"!?



I actually like that relic treatment. That is one cool looking guitar.


I love it and cracked-up reading about the strategy of keeping it out of your co-worker's hands!!!


Awesome!!! Man I love the neck and checkers!! And if you don't like Mr. horsepower you need to check yer pulse! Killer!!


Haughtiness I adore the checkerboard !#$@% 8-)8-)


That's cool man. Almost as cool as Nigel Tufnels 'Mr Horsepower' guitar. I'd love to see 'em side-by-side xD

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