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CRAZY rare Gibson…


for Gibson enthusiasts, especially if you're interested in archtops from the golden era, here's something unbelievably rare (they made six of them). This is the first one I've ever seen online (previously only seen in the 1987 Tsumura book, and Ingram's L5 book)...



Now THAT'S cool!:D :D


sorry...had to stop an wipe the DROOL off my chin... absolutely beautiful.... I wonder what that beauty is worth... I LOVE stories like this..wow...


1 of 6 is pretty special!

Never could love the Florentine cutaway though...


Well, it's been about 12 hours since I opened that thread, and I'm still kind of stunned. I also posted about it over at the Les Paul forums, and somebody asked a question about the guitar's scale, which I hadn't even thought about. I started investigating (comparing it to the examples in books, etc), and realized that this guitar is different from the other Crests!! It only has 20 frets, whereas the others have 22. The pickups and bridge sit in a different position, and the scale may be different (yet to be determined). Not only that, but the headstock shape is slightly different. The rarest of the rare!? Keep checking the thread at the Gibson forum for more updates.


thats nice. i really like that huge gibson headstock..they should do that more often


Love that headstock inlay. How freakin rare.


An unbelievable find ,amazing!8-)


The only Gibson I've ever really wanted is a CF100E. They almost never turn up, and when they do they cost way too much.


A few Gibsons I would love to own:

Early 1900's L4:

Loar K5 Mandocello (something like six exist)

style O

61 Byrdland:


Turns out the scale length is 24 3/4", like the original L5CT's.

A guy at the LP forum says he has a friend who also owns one of the Crests, and he's going to ask the guy if he can share some photos. 8-o


More photos up at the Gibson forum thread.


truly remarkable. thanks for sharing!


Not many guitars lock my eyes anymore but that one did. It is beautiful.


Yeah great look, top class guitar

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