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Back as Little Dork in NJ, -- over in the next town, Scotch Plains-- Union Catholic High School had some great concerts in the late 60s by touring groups of the era on their off nights -- Cream, Vanilla Fudge, even I think Jethro Tull. But the first of them was the Who, November 1967.

The Who didn’t start to be mainstream stuff over here until 1969, Tommy album, Woodstock, etc. In 1967 they had been opening for groups like Herman’s Hermits, etc. A few singles... Happy Jack, etc. made the top 40. But it wasn't the big time.

So this book goes in to detail telling the story of how the several UC music-insider cool kids (all 1 to 3 years older than me ) had the idea to get the Who for a show – and what it took to get the Catholic School admin to agree -- some of the teachers supported the idea which eventually won over the admin. So there’s a fair amount about life at a Catholic school in the cultural upheaval of the late 60s.

But of the one pix on the back (it was in a gym, ie basketball hoop) -- check out the very weird Entwistle bass--a Fender neck on some kinda mutant body almost like axe-blade bass wielded by Gene Simmons a decade later. What the heck is it? And he's going thru a Sunn, maybe a 200S kicking out 60 watts or so. 2000s maybe wasn't even out until the next year .Other pix aren't really good enough to see much more.


Can't even imagine how earsplittingly loud the Who would have been in a sports hall!


Can't even imagine how earsplittingly loud the Who would have been in a sports hall!

– Tsar Nicholas

Certainly loud for the time -- but nothing like what it would be in a few years ---


I find it amazing that a Catholic high school had concerts by known international groups. Ours barely tolerated a monthly local garage band.


Ok that's it... used in November '67 on small US tour. Wonder if the later Simmons/ and general metal scene axe bass came from knowlege of this one.

Book gets into concert details, also w/ pix of Cream, Lovin Spoonful, etc and acts that came in right after... but really follows the thread of how the concert was approved at all.

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