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crazed Byrdland


This is a pretty cool idea... but honestly I only like the sharp cut Byrdlands -- not that I will ever own one.

Gotta say the soft cut Epi Byrdland I had was fantastic



Yeah, I could get into it (though the price pretty much scares me off).


$11,5K and they still charge you for shipping.


I do like the mandolin headstock and much prefer the Venetian cutaway. Would never be in the market for anything like this, especially at this price point.


Gorgeous guitar, but...............

I think -- NOT sure -- that Byrdland models had/have a very short scale neck..... If so that would be a deal killer for me (I wear XL size gloves) -- along with the price, that is.......


Byrdlands were a kool 23.5" neck. Even shorter than my 24" Duo Sonic. For me, 22.5" is best


Dunno about the one shown,but I'm pretty sure later day Birdlands went to a standard scale length, which kinda makes it a 350T.

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