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Cort guitars?


So... After the passing of Matt Guitar Murphy, (RIP) I was checking out the Cort MGM. Any opinions on this guitar or Cort guitars in general?


Weird, but the only places I've ever seen a Cort guitar is in pawnshops.


Weird, but the only places I've ever seen a Cort guitar is in pawnshops.

– Steeple923

A long time ago they used to sell them. They were made in Korea, no? I never played one but a bass player in a band I played with swore by them.


This would be a good one for input from Proteus. As I recall, there were a lot of Corts on the walls of the shop where he and I both worked and knowing Proteus, he could be a current product specialist for stuff that’s not even being made yet.


If I remember correctly, Cort has built guitars for many other brand names, as well.


IIRC, they made some pretty nice copy's of Les Pauls and strats. I had a Steinberg copy Bass once, made by them. I thought it was crap and ended up selling it just to see the guy put new strings on it and sound awesome.


I had a Cory JC67 in gold sparkle from 1998 to 2017. It was a fine guitar. Built well and sounded great. Solid feel to it.

I’ve tried other Corts and felt they were all well made. Good finishes and electronics. I would not hesitate to buy another. Only reason I sold mine was because I purchased many guitars since then and was neglecting it so I didn’t need it and sold it.


Cort was - and is - a HUGE manufacturing operation, building guitars for anyone and everyone. Guaranteed we've ALL played Cort-build guitars, whether we knew it or not.

A Jack Westheimer, out of Chicago, I think, was/(is?) the driving force behind the US import operation.

I've never played a Cort-branded guitar which was even slightly bad in any way. Well, no - in the mid-80s, probably when they first started manufacturing in Korea, finishes were a little dull. Not bad, just not the insane glossy that-can't-possibly-be-made-out-of-wood finishes we're now used to. But always well made, playable, sounding fine.

We've had a Cort thread recently where I dumped all I knew about the brand - maybe more than I remember now, without researching. I know I went to their site and checked out the current offerings. They cover all the obvious bases with their own versions. There were a few models of some interest, but nothing compelling enough to make me buy.

As I probably mentioned the last time around (which was only a couple months ago), I dislike the look and sound of the name "Cort" itself, and like the script logo even less. So for me to buy a Cort-branded guitar, it would have to be something truly unique and compelling. I'm pretty saturated with guitars as it is.

But if you happen to see a Cort you like the look, feel, and sound of...you should have no hesitation to buy it. It's pretty good stuff, and always a good value.


I've played some good ones and some junk. I'd like to check out a Larry Coryell model.


Proteus, I had a Conrad Strat knockoff back in the early 70's. I always wonderd if this was a Cort. I bought it in Chicago,and played it until I bought my 60' 6124 Annie. lm.


Rumors were that the Korean DeArmond guitars were made by Cort. No idea if that is true.


Rumors were that the Korean DeArmond guitars were made by Cort. No idea if that is true.

– Don Birchett

That wouldn’t surprise me at all. I have a DeArmond and it’s good quality and reminds me of the quality of my Cort and of other Corts I’ve tried.


Cort is also well known for worst working conditions.


I can’t confirm or refute the claim about working conditions - with so many plants in so many places, I suspect treatment of workers of one relative to others is always changing - but Cort workers (or their agents) did stage a very visible sign-carrying, flyer-distributing demonstration outside the main entrance at NAMM one year I was there.

In an atmosphere that otherwise celebrates music-industrial plenty and promotes bully-bully business optimism, that raised some awareness of how some of our favorite toys are made.


Cort is also well known for worst working conditions.

– Stefan

Didn’t know that aspect of that company.


I sell them in my shop. Bang for your buck with Cort!

I sell a lot of the travel guitar and the $150 acoustics. I have sold a couple of the basses as well. Customers seem to love their guitars.


There are more guitars you've played made by Cort than most other companies. I don't think it's the case anymore, but for quite a while everything from Indonesia was made by Cort, as they had the only guitar building plant in the country. This included some big brands like Jackson and G&L.

Cort makes great guitars, most of the time. There are turds in almost every brand, but realistically they are great guitars, on a budget usually. The working conditions at one point were pretty awful, but from my understanding (which is limited) that has changed a lot. I could be wrong, it's happened more than once.

Bottom line, the store I managed for the last 7 years sold a ton of them because they were great. And even when we had an issue, they took care of it quick and easy. I bought a Cort dreadnought before I left. $180 for a spruce and mahogany satin finished guitar with a preamp, you can't beat that with a stick. I've had some electrics too. Got my hands on the spectrasonic copy once and wouldn't hesitate to buy one for a second if I could swing it. The real ones are way out of my price range, but the Cort version is half the money, and even comes with TV Jones.


Rumors were that the Korean DeArmond guitars were made by Cort. No idea if that is true.

– Don Birchett

DeArmonds were made at Cor-Tek in Korea which is Cort

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