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cool article on the StuartWhite B-bender Telecaster


...and the video with Marty Stuart is worthy too. Gotta put on Sweetheart of the Rodeo now.


Clarence had just a touch o' fuzz going on there. I admired McGuinn for changing the Byrds sound after their 1st incarnation.

Now here's that guitar in the hands of Mr. Stuart. I always thought he had a great version of this Neil Young song, although it comes in halfway thru - -but in time for he solo. Next song, Burn Me Down .. not as into that song. Tempted, from around this time was his best album, some say.

Ok, this was 25 years ago and kind of the tail end of the mullet era so ya know we got mullet dudes in the band, and the younger Marty has the threads, boots like KISS, and hamming it up some for the chicks in the front row.,. but what playing -- the whole sound.. a pile of Telecasters, stacks of silver panel Twin Reverbs...man you gotta love it.

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