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Clear Acrylic Strat


These have been up on eBay for sometime. Anyone play one? I can't imagine that a guitar from this material sounding good. Gotta weigh a lot. BC Rich had some like this once but weighed too much to feel comfortable.

In the 50s Fender made one to show people the insides of the guitar. Nile Rodgers had one but not sure if he recorded with it.

To make it clear (no pun intended) this is a non-Fender made guitar but looks like a Strat.


the one time I got to play and electrical guitar company guitar that was up for sale at a local shop it was also acrylic. the body with the full metal neck must have weighed 16+ pounds. it was nuts. didnt plug it in. My friend Ben Greenberg who is kinda the new wave of guitarist coming out of nyc punk art avant guard scene plays one and he makes it sound like 1,000,000 bucks.



Dan Armstrong/Ampeg pioneered that scene in 1969/70, I think. Keith Richards had one, possibly because of the Stones connection to Ampeg at that time.


Also Greg Ginn of Black Flag was known for playing a Dan Armstrong.



acrylic body gives a very clear sharp lively tone...the strings literally resonate loud and clear off the hard body surface

great, but not really for warm tone jazzbo's..hah..and yeah kinda heavy.. tho the armstrong bodies are thin..so not really an issue

acrylic bodies were popular on 48th st nyc in the late 70's..there was a shop guitar man that made a bunch of them..lou reed had one..as did skunk baxter (if i remember right)



Jeff "Skunk" Baxter's been using one for decades.


ps- here's cool clip of jimi checkin out keiths (then new) dan armstong in msg 1969



Garry Gary Beers from INXS old bass.


I have a clear acrylic Tele by Dillion - it's heavy, but I love it. Combines a certain smoothness of tone with typical Tele bitentwang.

Shown here making out with the all-aluminum Iconoclaster.


Scott Hill from FuManchu has a couple. Ibanez made them at one time,as well.


I remember when the Dan Armstongs first came out in around '69. I went to visit a friend in Abington, near Philly. I was 9 or 10 years old and we walked over to a shopping center (Wanamakers for you locals!) and I saw one in a music store window. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

Oh - Dave Grohl played one on the Foo Fighters' One by One tour.

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