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Cheating on Gretsch! (NGD)


hand carved MOP inlays


It's beautiful!


Oooh! That looks sooooooo nice Michiel! You have nothing to feel guilty about when it comes to that guitar! Besides, others have also been unfaithful. Me? I bought a 1996 Gibson ES-135 3 weeks ago.

ES-135 like the one I bought (mine is in the shop being refretted, due to my nickel allergy)


Two features that got my attention right away was that this has a solid carved top and that it's a beautiful honey blond finish, not the oh so boring Gibson black/yellow sunburst that hides the beautiful grains. I also appreciate the pickguard being cut accurately to fit the pup's shape. For a fixed tailpiece, this one is quite elegant.

Pardon my ignorance, but what's the story on the 3 screws in the top? Takes the edge off the overall elegance for me but a terrific looking guitar in general.


That's absolutely gorgeous! Possibly, in the words of U2, "even better than the real thing."

A plain .020 makes an excellent substitute for a wound G in a set of .012s, btw.


If you're gonna cheat, go all the way! Very nice guitar, Michiel!


– sascha

Thanks. It might make sense but surely there's a pretty way to mount a pup?? For me, elegance is accomplishing something in the least obtrusive way, ie hiding any and all attachment points when possible. This isn't rocket science - this pup could be mounted sans the visible screw heads.

At one point, decades ago, the Jaguar XJ6 taillights were attached to the frame via visible screws from the outside. Looked like hell, particularly on such an expensive auto. Eventually they changed this to the industry standard of the screws coming through the frame inside the trunk and into the molded taillight assembly pod.

While on the elegance theme, just a tad more imagination regarding the headstock logo could up the elegance quotient nicely without being garish.


Happy new year people!

No Gretsch in the pic this year, but I won't forget where I'm coming from!



The three screws on the Charlie Christian pickup run into spring mounts which set the pickup height and angle. The long shiny bars are twin magnets- the massive magnets and low-wind coil give this pickup it's mighty sound. The dinky CC pickups (per the 1939 revision) which folks put in Telecasters are in truth a lot more like a P90 than the original design.

The screw fittings might appear unsettling and agricultural at first sight, but they promise the strong fluid tone of the true Charlie Christian pickup. There's an uncompromising purpose in the aesthetic, beautiful in it's functional intent.

Combined with Michiel's Elektra amplifier, it's a ticket to the beefy tone of early electric guitar. This first era of guitar electrification had a beguiling sound quality with the power, sustain, immediacy and intimacy of a tenor saxophone. Charlie's tone was the Bar pickup and Gibson amplifier, Django predominantly with the Stimer pickup and amplifier but also seen and heard with the Bar pickup on occasion.

Beautiful guitar Michiel- enjoy.

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