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Cheating on Gretsch! (NGD)


So, this happened this afternoon!

ES-250 inspired guitar built in 2009 by Dutch master builder Daniel Slaman of www.newvintageguitars.com. It has a solid carved spruce top, lacewood sides and back and ... a Charlie Christian pickup.

I've been hunting for an ES150 ever since I started with Elektra. But finding an affordable one, in good playable condition, in Europe, is next to impossible ...

Then I met with Daniel, early 2015, for an interview and got to play his outstanding instruments and more specifically, his DS150 and DS250 guitars. (Here is the full interview: )

And finally, after trawling the web for ES150s and Slaman's guitars for nearly two years, one finally appeared online this week that was within my reach.

This afternoon I met halfway with the seller - a real gentleman. After trying the guitar for 15 minutes I found I just couldn't give it back. This was THE tone, the guitar, I was looking for. A done deal!


Absolutely stunning looking rig Michiel. Beautiful guitar and a gorgeous amp. Congrats!


Very nice, indeed. Congrats!


That ought to get Charlie Christian licks pretty authentically.


I've been known to stray occasionally from Gretsch too:

This is a '72 L-5P (acoustic model, originally) that some hippies had to saw through the (narrower) top braces to mount Bartilini pickups!

Duh. I scored it cheap and modified the bracing, put Burstbuckers in it, etc. The neck was definitely skewing towards the cutaway when I found it! Sheesh!


Well, it has a CC-90, and those went well with classic old amps, so, you're forgiven. That guitar and amp are made for each other---beauty.


Nice one Michiel

(I totally love Charlie Christian btw!)


Is that lower bout 18"? Looks bigger than a 17".




What strings do you have on it? Monel like CC would have had?


ThePolecats beat me to it. I wonder what a set of Martin Retro monel strings would sound like on there.

D'Addario/D'Angelico has also just brought out an interesting set of 30s strings called Electrozincs with Bethanazed steel.

Daniel does make amazing looking guitars Michiel and I'd live to try one.

So enjoy that killer combination - I'm sure it's a match made in heaven.



That's gorgeous, many congratulations! I love a blonde archtop and this one looks spectacular!


Thanks guys, I'm over the moon with this one.

Bob: the lower bout is 17.1", but the body depth is 3.4" - that is probably what makes it look so substantial.

I haven't changed the strings yet. Just the (old) ones it came with. I'll look into the strings Shuggie and Polecats mention. This'll be fun! Right now it has a wound G, that doesn't give the the same snap as the other strings. So, first I probably try a .012 set with a plain G (if that exists).


Man, That sure looks nice! Congrats!


Here, let me pick my tongue up off the floor ...

Been lusting after that particular guitar for years. Please tell us more about it once you get it. So damn pretty. MD


Very nice, Michiel! Enjoy it and perhaps I'll get to play it sometime.....


Beautiful guitar Michiel,congrats!


Can't seem to wipe that stupid gushy NGD smile off my face.


Found some time yesterday to take a couple more shots of the guitar. Enjoy!


figured sides & back (lacewood)

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