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I love my messed up 60s Teisco K2L. Its a surf monster.

– tabletop

Just a side note, but I really enjoy that show. It brings the laughs in a big way.


The Modern Player Marauder has a few unique features: koto body, triple bucker bridge pickup, jazzmaster type neck pickup. The is quite compact for a 25.5 inch scale. The pickup position is also different, being closer from each other and away from both the bridge and the neck. Full specs can be found here: http://guitarspecs.net/guit...


Do you use them mainly for surf?



Just a side note, but I really enjoy that show. It brings the laughs in a big way.

– Pappy

Yeah Big Mouth is genius!


I love my Eastwood/Airline Twin Tone. I know Supro have reissued this but with lots of David Bowie references and a bit of a weird shape that is a long way from the original...so I prefer the delinquent hillbilly bastard cousin. For maximum sonic finesse, I added two GFS Surf 90s. It's become my number one player. Here's a pic on a poster for a Link Wray tribute night that we play here in the UK. It's his birthday so we're going for a big night.


Along with the much-lauded greatness of the short-lived Dearmond line ( I have an M75 and Starfire Special), I'll nominate the Fender Cyclone II; a MIM "Pawn Shop" series hybrid of a Mustang body, Jazzmaster neck with three MIA Jaguar pups. Three on-off switches to control the pups, so any and all combinations are available, sometimes spontaneously so due to their placement. The equivalent of the '2' and '4' Strat pup options is magic. It's actually a wee bit longer in overall length than a normal Strat.


An acoustic that many of us learned on---the Harmony Sovereign.


"The Harmony Sovereign"

wabash slim: there's one hanging up in the basement but it's years since anyone played it as the action is so high. I suspect it needs a neck reset.


My nominee is the Johnny Reb Rockin' Rebel. The J and the R in the brand name are in rope-like script for extra-Western texture. These were imported by the now-defunct LA Guitar Works back in the late-90s/early-aughts. These Tele-Like Objects are semi-hollow with a fiberglass, Ovation-like body with a wood centerblock (though the body shape is like a normal Tele), a Tele bridge pickup, a Strat neck pickup, cool abalone-topped knobs, and they weighed practically nothing. List price was $299.

I first spotted them at TrueTone and then again at the following year's NAMM Show. I was nuts about them and ran into Gary, my friend and owner of Boulevard Music while I was in their booth, and convinced him to become a dealer. He ordered in a dozen, they sold immediately, he tried to re-order more, and they were no longer available. I've gone through about 4 or 5 of them and this is the only one I have left. When I got it the neck pickup didn't work so I put an American Tele neck pickup in its place (I put a pair of Fralins in another one I used to have, no regrets at all), the cool knobs had been replaced with Gibson-esque speed knobs, and I had to have the neck shimmed and have some work done on it to make it playable. Shortly after that I was restringing it and one of the tuner buttons just twisted off the stem, so I had to replace the tuners. But now, it just screams. I brought it and my most expensive Tele, the only one I own actually made by Fender, to a gig, and the Reb sounded better (though it was a little more prone to feeding back at the volume we were playing at). I doubt I could get $200 for it, maybe not even $150, but it's a killer piece of guitardom.


BTW, Proteus: There's a black Robelli in the local craigslist for $300. I thought of you. I thought of buying it, too.


I had one of these for awhile, an Epiphone Del Rey. A decent take on a Les Paul double cutaway with a very shallow body. It weighed next to nothing. It has an attractive figured maple veneer and had two very hot humbuckers. I replaced them with a pair of Seymour Duncans and it sounded great. Ended up upgrading almost all of the metal parts and the switch but I got it cheap and ended up selling it for a profit when I bought a Sheraton.


poor man's Hamer...i like it!


These 2 guitars are awesome in every way. I have too many cool guitars, but these budget models often make it to the gig. The Sorrento is my current #1. I LOVE it.


This one was $99, new, delivered. I added the pick guard.


For Chicago gigs where I take public transit, I carry a Chinese Les Paul copy. Is surprisingly great playing and sounding.


Would you consider an Epiphone Casino a cheap guitar? I bought this 50th Anniversary one used for $400. It's amazeballs.


These 2 guitars are awesome in every way. I have too many cool guitars, but these budget models often make it to the gig. The Sorrento is my current #1. I LOVE it.

– charlie chitlins

Hey Charlie, what's up with the bridge on that Sorrento? Normally they have a tune-o-matic mounted into the top like a Casino, but yours seems to have a wooden base --- did you get it like that? I would think that would require a different neck angle to avoid an ultra-high action at the upper frets.


G&L Tribute. Got it for $200 on CL. Had it painted and swapped out pots and wiring.


Austin AU-796 Session Master. Bought used for around $250 on a whim because the neck was so easy to play. Put in Gibson 57 Classics.


If the price point needs to be under $500 to qualify, there are plenty of examples I can offer over the years including a number of used MIM Fender Telecasters in the $300 to $400 range and a used Squier CV 50s Tele I got for just over $200.

The best example of all is the used CVT I got for just under $400. I had it rewired to include a bass contour, but that was my choice. It's a fine guitar in stock condition, save the Bigsby spring. I replaced that with a Reverend for $10.


Well at the beginning of this past week I managed to get a Gretsch G5120 for what just about anyone who knows about guitars would describe as dirt cheap and with a few days work on the neck which was the initial issue it's now an absolute dream to play and a keeper that's for sure.

I've been planning a country/rock recording session in my home studio for many months and I've been putting together the gear and guitars I wanted/needed for the recordings and the Gretsch was the penultimate guitar taking my guitar total to eight with only one other guitar on my list for it's unique 'Quack' sound and that is a Stratocaster type of guitar.

I was going to convert my Telecaster into a 'Memphis' by adding a third pickup which would be a relatively easy job but as time is now of the essence, I set myself a challenge and scoured the local online selling services just as I had done in picking up the Gretsch and I nipped out and bought an all black Westfield Stratocaster copy in excellent condition after looking them up on Youtube and paid the princely sum of £40 for it with an excellent quality well known brand gig bag and strap thrown in for good measure.

It needed setting up properly so this afternoon I stripped it of its strings, checked the electrics as the jack socket was slightly loose, flattened the neck by truss rod adjustment, cleaned and polished the body, cleaned and polished the fretboard and frets and oiled the fretboard and after re-stringing I set the neck relief to 0.25mm at the 8th fret and after setting string heights it plays like a dream and the action is so low it might even be as low as my telecaster which is exceptionally low. I checked the whole fretboard carefully and there was only one fret (17th fret) which was a little high so I carefully dressed that so now the whole fretboard is beautifully level and supersmooth to play.

I played the strings in for half an hour tonight and will set the final intonation tomorrow when the strings have settled and that only leaves adjusting the pickup heights. The pickups need tweaking as the previous owner appears to have adjusted them too high and too close to the strings and now they desperately need lowering to get rid of some of the jangle but even as it is, the guitar is an excellent player .

With a little careful adjustment of the pup heights, the guitar will be more than adequate for my recording sessions...in fact if I'd still been on the road full time I would have been quite happy to use it on stage.

We have a caravan which we visit every few weeks and I did plan to get a guitar just to leave up there but this one plays too well for that. My cousin who lives up there has a set of pups and tremolo unit plus tuners which he took off a Mexican Strat which I can have, so I might just swap them out if they're better than what's on my guitar presently.


Great discussion that Konrad started. I too have an M-75 as well that I bought used off eBay for about $275 plus shipping in 2000. But the inexpensive guitar I like the most so far is my Danelectro Mod 6 I bought from Guitar Center about three years ago for $250. I grabbed this pic off Reverb because I don't have a pic here on my laptop and I'm at work so can't take a photo of mine of course, but this one is just like it. I have so many guitars I thought of selling the Mod 6 but I played it the other day and it's so nice and I only was set back $250 that I thought it's better to keep than sell it. Great for 50s stuff. I tried my band at some Ritchie Valens' "La Bamba" and it sounded great for that. I bet "Donna" is right on that guitar too. I have to apply myself and try to learn it and try it on that guitar.

Love fistpicker's Washburn which is like a Dano.


I thought of selling the Mod 6 but I played it the other day and it's so nice and I only was set back $250 that I thought it's better to keep than sell it.

This is an important insight, which has occurred to me as well. When I cast about my collection looking for something to sell, a guitar I "like" and don't use much - but has a market value above some threshold price...is worth selling. The threshold may change - but whatever it is, that guitar is worth more as money than as a guitar. So I sell it.

With the great cheapies, the math gets all different. They're worth more as guitars than as money. You'd get less for them than their value to you, and the money wouldn't buy anything half as nice...so you keep them.


Man--that Mod6 is cool.

I hate to admit it, but my M75T is getting as much play as my Silverjet. It's just so... rude.

I guess as I've gotten old and grumpy, rude has become appealing.


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