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Case for a Kay Upbeat


Just purchased a Kay Upbeat. It came with an awesome gator grained case but it’s super fragile. Are there any modern cases that this guitar will fit in?

Thanks Brad


Looks like 17" lower bout? Maybe a Gent case, dependign on how deep this model is? Kool Kay headstock also -


Nice!! I have the same size Kay, but the Silvertone branded version, and it fits in different 17" cases I have. A Guild X175 or Gretsch Falcon or Gent case should work.


A Jumbo acoustic case should work as well.. depends on the body depth. Sometimes an acoustic case is a little too deep, causing pressure on the neck joint. However, if that's the case, extra padding under the body will remedy the problem.


It’s a big 17” body but not as deep as some. I have a Phoenix ... I’ll check to see if it fits that case....seems a little chunkier than a Phoenix.

Thanks guys


Nice guitar! Are those replacement Kleenex-box pickups? I don't remember seeing black ones before.


I believe the pickups to be original. They actually have a clear cover over a black pickup. I think one year had the black and and another the clear/white. Some of these had white instead of black on the headstock. It’s really hard to get information about the Upbeat. My guitar looks to have a replacement pick guard and incorrect knobs... but other than that original.


I pickup a used Epiphone case for my Motsumoku Dixon, 17 in. fairly shallow body. One like that might work?


Thanks RC... I’ll look into a Epiphone hollow body case.


Well... won’t fit in a Falcon case ... too fat in the middle.


mine fits in a reissue guild x175 case


mine fits in a reissue guild x175 case

– WB

I’ll see if I can find one of those... The search continues. Thanks

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