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Red whale, Ed, and you wound me. I hadn’t thought about that Excalibur for months. _

Thanky, GV! What brings you out of the woodwork? is it because NAMM week is coming up and you hope to win win win?

Well, Bob...no. That pickguard is disqualifying. I’m happy with the sparkly Los Straits model.


But Tim, you've already established a precedent with the Tele --- a less-than-optimal pickguard is easily replaced.


I love that red sparkle Dipinto Deluxe - it's out of my price range for now though (even though the price keeps yo-yo-ing up and down on Reverb)


Wow, Tim. Nice CAR collection. I just don't know how you juggle so many guitars. I admire you. I have a hard enough time giving each of my 12, well maybe 13 - or make it 14 guitars.


So OK yeah. From the ridiculous to the equally ridiculous. Eastwood's recent knockoff of Teisco's late-60s Japanese fantasy-caster, yon Spectrum V. There were a lot of aesthetic obstacles to my buying this guitar: the distended, baroque shape; the German carve; the white edge binding; the 4&2 headstock with partial plastic overlay and unattractive Eastwood medallion; the cheesy faux-metal applique on the pickguard; and that Fisher-Price collection of colorful switches.

All it had going for it were the color - and the split-pickups which, Eastwood assured me, were wired just like the Japanese, in true stereo. (Meaning, to me - from my research - that the 3 treble strings from all pickups went to one output, and the bass strings went to the other.) Well no. Turns out that to Eastwood, it means that the identical signal - comprising all 6 poles of every pickup - goes to the two separate output jacks. Duh. Coulda done that with a Y-box. Worse, one of the knobs is just volume for the second output - so there's no tone control. Double-duh.

BUT. Danged if the guitar doesn't play like dream, with an infectiously springy, bouncy feel. (And I can't tell you what that means.) It also feels "unitary," like the whole guitar is hewn out of a single slab of something. Fretwork and setup were flawless (as were fit and finish), and the guitar sits to the body better than you might expect.

And it sounds fabulous. Stratty, of course, but maybe a little less focused, more spacious and textured - because of phase complexities compliments of the split pickups? The slew of ridiculous slide switches does let you get any pickup combination, and any pair out of phase. So, you know. It does a lot. so I kept it. (I could probably improve the cosmetics by ripping off the Spectrum nameplate and changing to monochrome slide switches. Aluminum would match the handsome knobs.)

AND - the case smells like fresh cookies.

– Proteus

Like the Eastwood version, I love the candy red and the lego-like switches on my Teisco Spectrum 5 and the carve makes it look even more like a toy.

Mine does split top strings and bottom strings when going stereo. Rarely use it though. Sounds great in mono.


Geebus, Jack! That's the nicest original I've ever seen! How long have you had it? They're Big Bucks now, I'm sure you know.

And, yes, all my research says it's true 123-456 stereo.

It's obvious just from the outside of the split "Z" pickups that each "half" has to have separate wiring, so I thought there was no reason the Eastwood couldn't be made true stereo (despite its haphazard who-cares non-stereo "stereo" implementation) - and the ad copy's claim that it works like the original). But I open it up and find, weirdly, that the wiring terminates in mulitple PC boards - and it hasn't been easy for me to map out what goes where, and how I'd go about re-wiring for the stereo I feel I was promised, and which I'm still annoyed that I didn't get.

But man. Yours is a beauty, and congrats.

Steeple, yessir, those are some candy guitars! And neither is common in that livery. It's good to have distinctive stuff.


I'm just going to leave this here and walk quietly away.


Yeah, yeah. We know.


(By which, of course, I mean that that guitar hurts me every time I see it. Someday...)

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