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I once bought a case of Algerian 'Red Infuriator' wine. Both the colour and taste were 'interesting' but OK. I was told that way back when -- at a time when the Brits and the French weren't the best of chums -- British ships visiting Algiers were given barrels of a certain kind of wine, the effects of which became apparent only after a couple of days back at sea! The wine had obviously changed for the better, but the nickname stuck, probably as a marketing tool!


Should this one be here or in the wine section?


I'd vote yes. But interested in how others see it.


"Algerian wine?"

Strum: yep, they make plenty of it, including some popular grape varieties.


Joss, if that were mine, I’d call it wine.

My protocol has been pretty simple: wine must be a transparent stain (even if very dark), and show grain. Candies are opaque, whether metallic or not.

I think technically candies are transparent over an opaque silver or gold base coat, but I accepted metallic mixes as well. And maybe when the metallic flakes get big enough to be called “metalflake,” it goes in a dessert category called “sparkles.” (Which could have any color so long as it ... sparkled.)

Anyway, at least in my parsification, if woodgrain still shows it’s not candy - and if it’s darkish red (or, I guess, purple) trans, it’s wine.

I could be wrong. We’re just making this up.


Wine it is then - would you like to move it across to the other thread, or can it stay here (because it's pretty, and also I'm a bit too lazy to do it just right now)?

It'll just stay here, I think.


That will be fine. I don't think we're policing this very strictly.

Better yet, when you have time, put it in the wine cellar TOO. Spread the love.


To muddy it up a bit more, the main color like red in candy apple red is translucent that's sprayed over opaque silver base. Not that this adds to the discussion.


The only Candy Apple Red guitar i ever owned was 90's MIJ 60's Strat. I love the colour and don't know why i don't own more. Don't seem to have any decent pics from back then though,but here's what i do have ,along with its 50's brother,pre digi i'm afraid .


My Mexican Deluxe Roadhouse! Wonderful CAR Guitar!


Late '80's - era MIJ Custom Esquire. I upgraded the pickup to a Voodoo and installed a cocked-wah mod on the switch.


Does this qualify? It now sports a Titanium TruArc SerpenTune...

"Fire Engine Red", by some guy named Wilson.....


Still waiting for a CAR 6120 Hot Rod.


Here's my CAR American Standard Strat. Custom Shop 1969 pickups and a Roadhouse Strat pickguard.


I love the Oriental Red:


I'd be in trouble if one of these LTD CAR 6120's came around my way,although i don't like the red in the pickups much,easy fix though.


Like wise these LTD FSR CAR Falcon's!


These look lovely too...


JCHiggy, either of those latter two (the Falcon or the Jet) would be quite fine in my book.


And i can't forget Ricks CAR ,Ruby!


Yum yum Jet. (The 6120 and Falcon don't look any better than the 5420CAR...)

That is a handsome Ricolor. Yessir waiter, I've made up my mind. When I finally indulge myself in a 4003 bass, Ruby it is.

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