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Candy thread


As in Candy Apple Red and its various metallic (or fire-engine) relatives.

I thought Strum's wine cellar introduced a great way to organize guitars into their color food groups, and I had as many CARs in my collection as winos.

So off we go, and bring your (non-winey) redditude here.


CIJ Jazzmaster, 2000s

What better way to start than this lovely Q-series "Crafted in Japan" model with AVRI pickups?


On the back


... and a matching headstock, natch, compliments of the Curtman.


Baltimore roundup front


Wurlitzer Wildcat, 1965

An awful lot of these red rockers are offset solidbodies, just seems to fit. Here's the nicest example I've ever seen of "my first good guitar." Stereo, with a pan pot. (One pickup per output, like Rick-o-Sound.) Works a treat into two amps, or simply into two differently-EQ'd channels of a true 2-channeler, like the Silvertone Twin Twelve I used with my original (sunburst) back in the golden days of my fleeting youth.


Eastwood Teisco Spectrum V, 2016

This stuff was going around in the 60s; here's a modern repro of Teisco's retro 1968(-ish) masterpiece. It's marketed as stereo, and the pickups certainly look like they're set up for treble-bass split output. I believe the original worked that way. This one, though, just has two identical outputs, like you used a Y-cord. Not stereo in my book.

I also consider this guitar half-ugly; I don't like the German carve, the multi-colored switches, or the appliqué on the pickguard. But it sounds amazing (like a particularly springy/bouncy Strat) and plays like butter. The trem works as well as a vintage Mustang trem (my standard for Fender's smoothest, most positive design ever). The case also smells like candy.


Westone Spectrum X-198CR, 1984

A couple decades later, the Japanese were still at it - this time with input from American designers. Here's an offset Candy-redder with 80s-contemporary blackout hardware and hot 2-1-2 pickups, built by Matsumoku.


Yamaha SGV800, 2000s

Home-grown Japanese take on the surf guitar, updated. Pickups sound both fat and bright, but not as spiky as, say, a Jaguar. I like it.


Jay Turser Lyrebird, 2000s

Possibly based on a European-built custom guitar with very low circulation, Jay Turser's Chinese version had even less circulation - and no visibility. The internet barely remembers it existed. Originally it had a battery-powered fuzz under one of the knobs, which sounded approximately horrible. I've replaced that pot with a gradual coil tap for the bridge-bucker. 27 frets, tons of funk and, possibly the best 119.00 I ever spent.


DeArmond Ashbory 3-string micro-bass, 90s

Wait for me, mister, I'm red too! Wubber stwings, given to occasional spontaneous in-case breakage. About 14" of the biggest most lugubrious upright bass you've ever heard. Fingers squeak on the strings without baby powder, though, and you look funny playing it.


Gretsch Electromatic 5420CAR, 2017

This thing slays me every time I get it out of the case. Practically takes my breath away; I can't believe I own anything this gorgeous. I sold/traded Aspen Green for it, and I'm not sorry.


Not Candy Red, just Firebird Red.


My son's Muddy Waters Telecaster is CAR, though.


Not exactly candy,but red.


Japanese Telecaster, 90s. This has been a great guitar, played countless shows with it and many recordings.

No better colour under lights- the sparkly shade drifts from bright red through 'Strummerson Beaujolais' to a blue/purple depending on the gel.


Is that a height compensation Penny under the saddle, Ade?

Caliban: I love your guitar photos with the lovely constant background. Simple but very effective.


My first playable electric guitar (well almost playable) was a red Futurama ll. I sold that in 1962. Since then I've had a red MIJ Strat for a couple of years in the early '90s -- and that's it as far as red guitars go (any sorta red other than a wine 335 in the '70s). I nearly bought a CAR Jazzmaster last month -- but the sonic blue guitar somehow felt better and I bought that one, so I have no horse in this particular race. Damn that CAR 5420 Tim!


Sascha, it is indeed a height compensator. I reset the neck angle so the strings would be up, up and away from the body. The string saddle allen screws were running out of legs, so in it went. The mod cost exactly 1p.

I like to wind folks up who notice it that the copper resonance is essential for the G and D strings on a Tele. Then I feign surprise when they inevitably have never heard of this balderdash.


Oh, no. Now we are going to have to parse 'wine red', 'dark cherry', and 'candy apple red'. All great colors. And sometimes the name has to do with the company. There are some guitars here I might include in my spectrum of wines, perhaps as variation in vintage. But there are also some guitars I, myself, included in my wine thread that probably don't qualify.

Are candy apple reds often metallic?

Lots of fantastic looking instruments here. Some are pretty funky. Thanks for posting them.

I LOVE all darker reds for guitar stains. Even as I am noodling at present on a dark whiskey sunburst Epiphone from 1940...

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