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Calumet Guitar/TV Jones P/U ID


I found a great used guitar in (of all places) a Guitar Center this week. It's a Calumet, and it's a solid body that's very Gretschy- TV Jones pickups, US Bigsby, Gretsch scale length. I love it! I can't find much about the maker, and I think he may be out of business- but I saw that he posted on these pages a couple of years ago. Does anyone know anything about the company or what's happened to the builder?

Related question. I mentioned the TV Jones pickups. Is there a way to tell what model they are without pulling them up? They look like classics with the "TV JONES" inscription, but my impression is that lots of his pickups look identical.

Anyway, it's a blast to play and it sounds great! Anyone have any info??


I can add no useful information, but I that is a nice-looking guitar. Good find!


That sure looks very much like a Koll Troubadour.


'Fraid you'll have to pull the pickups up and check the underside to see which TVJones pups these are. Nice looking guitar.


Wow- right you are! I've seen Kolls before, but I didn't remember the Troubador. There are a few differences, but for sure it was the inspiration. That's okay- my Creston is similarly "inspired" by the Tele and I don't mind that one bit!


Great news- I was able to find the builder, Derek Wentworth, and he's still building- his website is just down at the moment. The guitar is Desert Sky Blue (a 2003 Ford Thunderbird color), and has a TV Jones Classic in the neck and a Classic plus in the bridge. The coolest thing is that the guitar (I haven't tested this yet) glows in the dark! Anyhow, it's rapidly becoming my favorite, and Derek is a nice fellow and a great builder. Happy fourth!

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