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Are there any other guitars with the 23.5 Byrdland scale? The Ibanez copy from the 70s actually does not have that scale. Maybe in the universe of Peerless and Eastman electric archtops? Or maybe nothing out there --


You know I forgot about that one. They can still be found. A little on the heavy side tho.


Baby Taylors, but I don't think that's what your looking for. Gretsch Ramblers are somewhere around there but may be 23". Es 125T 3/4 are also in that area and a really fun little guitar.


You know I forgot about that one. They can still be found. A little on the heavy side tho.

– DCBirdMan

Very nice indeed. I didn't know about this model. According to the specs it has a 1.695" nut width. Much more comfortable for me than the 1.625" nut width on the original model. This may go on my list.


Martin Backpacker is 24".

– wabash slim

The OP did say 'guitar'


I did have one of the Elitist Byrdlands and we put a nut with a bit wider spacing and that helped a lot.


yeah fender jag and certain vintage mustangs...leo probably based his scale length for jag on byrdland..just as he modelled his great jazzmaster pups on p 90's..tho cleverly different!! hah



The OP did say 'guitar'

– Toxophilite

Well, kinda sorta. When plugged in it sounds like every other piezo equipped guitar. I got it for two reasons---it was the only thing I found that fit my locker at work, and when travelling with wife, child, and dog, it still fit into the car. As they say---close enough for government work.

It's also tough as nails. Safe around toddlers, kittens and giant dog. You can play it while in a recliner as well.

It'll do when you're up the creek without a paddle, too.


I was excited about the Midtown Kalamazoo until I found out it's got a thin (.81) neck. Everything else about it seems awesome


If I'm not mistaken, one of the Stromberg arch tops from the mid-1930's had a 23.5 inch scale. A guitarist (whose name escapes me for the moment) took the Stromberg to Gibson in the 1950's and asked them if they could make a similar guitar -- but electrified -- with the same 23.5 inch scale. Gibson did and that is the Byrdland


Hank Garland - the story I always heard was that Barry Galbraith showed Hank his short scale Stromberg, and Hank took the idea to Gibson during the Byrdland design, Hank being the "land" part. Hank did own a Master 400, but idk the scale length.


The Peavey T-15 is Byrdland scale and I think there was a three pickup Strat-style version as well. Also the Music Master and Duo Sonic were an even shorter scale if I remember and some Mustangs were made with the really short scal. 22 1/2" or something like that.

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