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Bigsby Guitars construction details


I'm in the midst of designing my next build, a thinline hollowbody, taking inspiration from Gretsch, Gibson, Fender and Danelectro.

I know that Bigsby guitars were also maple hollowbodies, and I'd like to examine some details to see if I can gain any insights from the construction.

I recall someone linking a website here once upon a time that went example-by-example through Bigsby's history, showing a lot of closeup and internal photos. Does anyone remember that site?


You're thinking of Deke Dickerson's Bigsby Files blog.


But something's wrong with it, and it's showing no posts. I was looking at it as recently as a couple of months ago and it was all there - detailed documentation of every known Bigsby guitar. Deke is a member here. You might try sending him a PM to see if his blog is migrating to a different host or something like that.


I noticed that a while back too. I suspect it was either copyright issues or deference to the books on the market or perhaps being written. Shame though, I used it often. I'd try the Wayback Machine - https://archive.org/web/


Well that took up most of my afternoon! Thanks guys.

Very interesting construction, neck through with the hollow wings. Reminds me much of the Les Paul "Log". Man I wish I had access to that amount of birdseye maple

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