Gretsch Garage Sale

some stuff for mostly


here is a link to my ebay thing showing all of the stuff for sale.

i consider you all friends so having said that..dont buy the mosrite or sg projects.... they will take a lot of work to make right because it was my first two set neck attempts.

the teles are decent and the dean is pretty nice too.


sometimes i click the link and it shows 3 items. i dont know why it does that but i currenlty have 9 listings.


If I were still stateside, I might be sorely tempted by that filtered esquire. I think that termite damage adds character. Might put in a little stain just a shade darker to show it off! How does it play?


Thanks! The termite one plays pretty nice. the filtertron sounds good and makes for a twangy package.

oh and the wood burnt one looks good but like i said...dont buy it. i did have it all done and it played somewhat ok but i couldn't make it a nice player. plus i was borrowing the nut from my synchro so it will need a new one

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