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Belated NGD x2


I owned a Q series CIJ Jazzmaster about a decade ago, but eventually sold it. Soon after the purchase I replaced the stock pickups with a set of Duncan Antiquity Jazzmaster pickups. The stock pickups had the Stratty construction and sound. Here's a photo of the two pickups with the CIJ on the left and the Duncan on the right.


Another photo of the Q Series pickup alone.


how decidedly odd. between this and the Squier J.Mascis pickups which are purportedly more or less P-90s in a Jazzmaster shell (i haven't seen them so can't say) one wonders what to expect. i mean, the Squier pickups are more authentically constructed than that.


i played the Guild for a little while today and though it wouldn't have occurred to me, my sloppy attempt at the intro to "Get Together" sounded plausibly close to the original. solid-state amp, i think?

– macphisto

Whenever I saw the Youngbloods live, they were playing through big ol' Ampegs where the head rotates down into the speaker cabinet for transport. Dunno what they used in the studio.

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