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Belated NGD: A Pair of Offsets


This is a 2017 MIM Fender Classic Series 60's Jazzmaster. The finish has more green than shown in the photo; closer to Sea Foam Green than Surf Green. The stock pickups were replaced with a Curtis Novak set, the stock bridge was replaced with a Mustang bridge and the vibrato collet was replaced with a Staytrem.


This is a 2018 American Performed Mustang which fixes my two issues with the guitar. This is the first model I've come across with a 1.687" nut width and it does away with the pickup sliders. I lose the out of phase option, but I don't use it often and now I know which pickup is in use. It appears to be yellow in the photo, but has more of a cream finish.


Both are nice. I like the idea jazzmaster a little better, but that is obviously just a personal preference. Congrats

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